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Sibling Pride

Once upon a time,  I used to  live in the south .  Atlanta, Georgia to be exact and it was glorious. It's where my brother went to college and I soon followed in his footsteps. My life has pretty much been that in a nutshell. My brother did something first, tested out the waters and then I followed (slightly) in his footsteps. Going away to school was no exception. From the time he came back from his first semester at college I had already made up my mind that as soon as I graduated I was getting the heck out of dodge. Atlanta was at the top of my list with Spelman and Clark Atlanta University being my top two choices of schools. I ended up at CAU in the fall of 1997 with my brother across the way at Morehouse. It was a good time. I really liked being in college with my brother. Although we were still very different, suddenly the playing field was somewhat level and now we could hang out as peers. Not just me tagging along on my older brother's adventures.  We still butted

Full Heart + No Voice

More than three weeks have passed since I spent my Saturday running my mouth from Scottsdale AZ all the way back to my driveway in California. It really wasn't my fault. I was with Xenia and Lori and we were just coming off of three days of laughter, learning, crying, drinking, dancing and networking with women who speak my language. 3 days away from my usual  routine  / daily work that had begun to press so heavily on me. For those three days I was IN the moment (a lot of which were captured and shared on Instagram) and overjoyed to be hanging with my people. I still haven't fully recovered my voice. We're an interesting lot, bloggers. We spend a lot of time in solidarity tapping away at a keyboard and interacting via a myriad of social platforms but when we get together.... WATCH OUT NOW.  Magic literally happens. You can see the sparks fly as people connect with brands and each other. Working on how to continue to use our voices and this space, this wild west o

ATL Shawty: It Was A Different World

Over the last two weeks I have spent more time living out of a bag than I have at home and this past weekend was the first time I was home on a Saturday in two weeks. It was weird. Both being away and being home. While you read a bit about my Arizona adventure, the very next weekend I hopped on a plane to Atlanta with my dad to see my brother receive his master’s degree. It was a proud sister moment and I was happy to make the trip even though back to back traveling isn't my favorite thing to do. But hey it gave me an excuse to break in my new favorite sweats and keep using my new tote so yeah, don't mind if I do!    Oddly enough, I happened to be scrolling FB late Thursday night and saw my NYC bestie had posted a photo of her and her sisters. I saw in the comments it said she was in Atlanta and I immediately lost my shit and subsequently startled my father with my excitement. I haven’t seen Pie since I went to visit NYC last summer for Blogging While Brown s

The Road to Mom 2.0 - Live from the 10 Freeway

Y'all this month is FLYING by. Hell, the year really. Hard to believe we're already halfway through May and things just keep ticking along. Our social calendar has been out of control lately, our communication was out of whack and I was longing for a little R+R that could not come soon enough. Luckily, on the horizon was a highly anticipated trip to Arizona with some of my blogging loves as we ventured off for Mom 2.0 Summit at The Phoenician Resort + Hotel. I was VERY excited about this trip. I desperately needed the break in routine and to get out of my head. When we were just about two weeks away I was "ready to start packing NOW". . but I refrained although I studied my closet like I was going to be tested on it's contents. I tend to get either really cutthroat with my packing and do an excellent job(blissdom) or go a little nuts and bring a workable mish-mash (blogging while brown) because I can't commit. I tried to only shop my closet , wit

This is how WE play + LEGOS save the day

I'll admit that when we received our first LEGOS gift one Christmas I was nervous about bringing it  home as all I could think about was all the  mommy horror stories I'd heard about pieces spread all over the floor . It's practically written into the motherhood handbook to : BE WARE THE LEGOS. But then we opened up the box and discovered a whole new world of play with Baby Ninja. LEGOS gave us the ability to really get down on his level and let our imaginations and his run wild.  At first it was all about building and stacking to make the highest tower  possible and then promptly knocking it down but then something really cool happened.  He started to do more imaginative play and add other 'fwends' to the mix. and one day as he played and I listened absentmindedly to his toddler chatter I realized how much the LEGOS were actually teaching him. More than just something that I avoided/ dreaded stepping on, these colorful blocks were giving him a voice to act ou