Wednesday Wishlist: Back Yard Edition

We already know that home decor is my jam so it should come add no surprise that as the season (slowly) changes I'm feeling the itch to change some things around here. I've got a bunch of projects in.varying stages and have found tons of inspiration thanks to Pinterest ,HGTV, DIY network (I'm looking at you Yard Crashers) as well as Lara Spencer's new book. And since I'm on a whole capsule wardrobe don't really buy anything unless your'e going to wear it forever kick I've got home decor on the brain like whoah.
My poor husband gets about 10 emails/texts from me a day with images of rugs, pillows and coffee tables I'm considering. Never once do I think about the cost of these things. No I just imagine what it will all look like when it finally 'comes together' the way it is in my mind.
Right now I'm focusing on the backyard. It's honestly the most neglected space in this home and not because we don't use it. We do, we just don't hang out back there because it's not cute.

current sad state of affairs
There is no grass and the rose bushes are thorny and daunting. The patio furniture needs new cushions and could absolutely stand a coat of paint. But despite the current ugly, the yard size was one of the draws of this house. I could imagine cookouts with friends, possible movie nights and afternoons spent in the blowup pool. I have dreams y'all! But alas, my dreams were put on hold and then pushed even further back last year as we had other things we needed to focus on. But now that I'm working on shifting my focus from fashion wants to home goods it's high time I figured out what to do back there.

gimme ALL the things

There is no shortage of  ideas looming in my head and a recent trip to World Market brought to life pretty much exactly what I want to do in the back yard. And now that I have a the visual aid I need it's time to see about getting those ideas out of my head and making them a reality. But those are two totally different things. See, I'm totally not a gardening girl. Matter of fact, because of my allergies and asthma I tend to stay away from playing in the dirt but with Baby Ninja's growing fascination with all things mud and wanting to have bonding activities with Sweet Pea, I figured it was high time I learned. I have a couple of projects in mind and have delusions of making major headway before the month is up.  So I figured as to not get totally overhwelmed with all my many ideas I'd break things down into a few separate projects to work on over the next few weeks/ months.


Project #1 : Go green
 Because we're on spring break I have a little more leeway in my schedule so I hope to get to Home Depot this week and get some help with how much work it might be for us to try and put down sod ourselves while also having the neighbor's landscaper come by and give us a quote about seeding and sod.
- the roses can they be moved and replanted up front? I love the flowers but it's not the safest thing to have with kids running around.
- remove random pavers along left wall and replace with wood chips or soil for raised herb/ vegetable garden. I love the idea of using a wood pallet!
- remove random bricks and arrange to close up 'patio' area

Project #2 - Furniture / seating
Our current set has seen better days and while normally I originally planned to just recover them, the cushions have since been waterlogged/ bird damaged and seen better days.The furniture can be salvaged and would be good as new with a fresh coat of spray paint. I waited too long last summer to look for cushions but I've already decided to go with a clean look of white washable ones via IKEA and then add color with accent pillows, lanterns and the like
- spray paint furniture
- new cushions
- bright toss pillows
- colorful rug ; I saw a fabulous one at World Market the other day that caught my eye and it was on sale. I'm holding out to see what else I find.
Project #3 : empty wall space

I came across some CUTE ways to keep the kids entertained  with a hanging outdoor chalkboard which I thought would be perfect for the blank wall at the far end of the yard. That will keep the kids entertained and then I came across a stand to keep them organized as well and y’all know that was right up my alley. We’ll see if I’ll actually be able to pull it off.
- hanging chalkboard
- add rocks to fill in area between patio and wall


project # 4 : Lighting
We have string lights under the balcony as well as fixtures on the house itself but I'd like a little more for the Pinteresty twinkle affect. But then I think about having some type of hanging lanterns as well so
- string lights + posts to connect them
- hanging lanterns
- outdoor candles

Project #5: "patio"
In my dreams this is wear we dine al fresco under twinkling lights or enjoy lunch under the shade of the umbrella. I'm also thinking I'd like to add a fire pit of some kind for those transitional nights as we make our way from "spring" to "summer"
- outdoor dining table + chairs 
- umbrella or gazebo
- fire pit

Clearly I have delusions of grandeur but I'm committed to getting my ideas off the ground and getting maximum use of our outdoor space. Of course I don't expect all of this to happen in a weekend or even in the next month, although, that would be AWESOME.  But ideally I'd like to get started on the first two projects this month and then slowly make my way through the list as summer continues. The end goal is to truly create an outdoor living space that we are able to enjoy year round.

What's on your home improvement list this season?


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