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Wednesday Wishlist: Back Yard Edition

We already know that home decor is my jam so it should come add no surprise that as the season (slowly) changes I'm feeling the itch to change some things around here. I've got a bunch of projects in.varying stages and have found tons of inspiration thanks to Pinterest ,HGTV, DIY network (I'm looking at you Yard Crashers) as well as Lara Spencer's new book. And since I'm on a whole capsule wardrobe don't really buy anything unless your'e going to wear it forever kick I've got home decor on the brain like whoah. My poor husband gets about 10 emails/texts from me a day with images of rugs, pillows and coffee tables I'm considering. Never once do I think about the cost of these things. No I just imagine what it will all look like when it finally 'comes together' the way it is in my mind. Right now I'm focusing on the backyard. It's honestly the most neglected space in this home and not because we don't use it. We do, we just don…

Skinnytaste: A cookbook review

At the beginning of the year I was looking to spend some of my Christmas cash and was cruising through Target with the fam when I first spotted a cookbook that sparked my interest just off the name alone. That and the cover photo. They had me at shrimp & grits.
I flipped through it quickly and noted a few of the recipes sounded yummy but ultimately put it back on the shelf as I was in no mood to impulse buy and cookbooks (well all books really ) are a weakness of mine. Later, after we got home, I looked up skinnytaste and was stoked to discover I've actually pinned and tried one of her recipes previously and we liked it so I figured what the heck. Went back to Target and scored because it was marked down 20% and I had a gift card so it was basically free!

Because I love my family and want to feed them healthier food options I was really excited about this cookbook. But not really anyone else was. However, after a doctor's visit D realized he needed to get excited about lo…