Sippin On Sunday: Link Love

Somehow this week (like many others) managed to get away from me and I am late posting the link and libation of the week. But not to worry there was some GOOD stuff out there this week. There were the Oscars and the backlash over Fashion Police comments, the dress that went round the world and divided families everywhere, and I also had my first set of negative comments about something I wrote which is a bit different for me. Being that I generally write in the lifestyle (beauty/home/fashion) categories I don't really get a ton of negative feedback on my posts. I understand if people don't like the outfits I put together because they may not be their personal taste but I don't take that personally. However, in the last few weeks I've written on a more personal nature and therefore opened myself up to others 'insights' about who I am. I have to admit it was weird and it stung a bit to read people saying that I'm insecure or that I am somehow being a coward by writing how I felt and my life experiences. Sure I write about myself and my life here on the blog but this was on a larger scale and was to date one of my most shared and liked posts on Facebook. As someone who has learned not to read the comments of other's posts I found it hard to look away when it was my own words/ intent being questioned. Needless to say it's been a bit of an interesting week but I am grateful for ALL the feedback.

Last Thursday I had one of those nights that I've dreamed about. Well, sort of. I got to meet one of my celeb mama crushes stylist and designer June Ambrose and the esteemed costume designer Johnetta Boone thanks to Macy's and Black History Month for a panel on the Soul Era of Style. We hugged and laughed and she told me she liked my effortless style. I am still processing.

Further proof of that blogger hustle. Harvard business school for the win.

And then this chick just ruins it for everyone. For the record, we're not all this vapid, I promise.

Friends. How many of us have them.

Viola threw this fabulous party that I would just love to be a fly on the wall at. All that #blackgirlmagic in one room. I can't stand it.

Vintage Black Glamour at it's finest. I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I missed ordering it the first go round but I won't make the same mistake twice!

A few of MY latest on For Harriet I'm not all just beauty and style.

Sometimes all it takes is one act for a lifetime of memories/ experiences to come back to mind .

I'm basically kinda sorta instagram quote famous thanks to a piece I wrote celebrating black women.

A friend of mine shared about this journal she got for her daughter and herself and I am just smitten with this idea. I wasn't the best at expressing my feelings verbally as a tween and Sweet Pea is a lot like me in that regard so this might be a great way for us to communicate and her not to feel like she's

This week's libation is honor of the fact that I recently discovered we have a fig tree in our front yard. I've been stumped as to what to do with them and then came across this Sexy Fig + Lemon Cocktail recipe on Pinterest. It's like the Universe is trying to tell me something. I'm listening.


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