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On My Radar: Spring Staple or Splurge?

While I'm trying to keep my shopping to a minimum this year, there are a few things on my radar this month. I like to keep certain items on the back burner so that I can determine if I REALLY want them or am just impulse shopping to fill a void or something. I've gotten really good at letting things ago but with warm weather looming, a conference around the corner as well as a trip back to the ATL for my brother's graduation has me looking around for inspiration and styling ideas. I don't have any plans to specifically go out shopping for these events and plan on shopping mostly shopping my closet but sometimes you just gotta "treat 'yo self".  A few weeks ago I discovered I.missed out on a sick jumpsuit from.H&M's conscious collection thanks to my spending freeze last fall and now I've found at least 3 others that make my heart go pitter-pat. Really I've been smitten with the look since spying it on my style muse June Ambros

Macy's Prom Fun!

"I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own." Now that we've officially entered into the oft dreaded teenage years finding ways in which we can connect as mother and daughter and individuals is very important to our relationship.  One of the many ways we do that is through my work as a blogger and beauty and style writer. It's always nice to be able to take Sweet Pea along with me to fun events and we're REALLY looking forward to what's coming up with Macy's this weekend. Macy's is hosting a special prom event at their stores around the country to help teens everywhere look their very best on their biggest night! I remember my prom days and the anticipation of finding a dress with wistful nostalgia and if the next few years go as fast as the previous thirteen, it will be time to find a dress for Sweet Pea before I can

More Than My Hair - 5 things I Discovered Wearing Crochet Braids

Last month I wrote about my desire to really learn how to take care of my hair and a few of the options I have available to help protect my hair, while I work towards growing it longer and maintaining overall health. While I was busy researching vitamin supplements and hair products the rest of the natural hair world had already discovered crochet braids. After doing some late night blog browsing and IG stalking, I too, had hopped on the train and was full steam ahead. I immediately text my hairstylist (and good friend) to inquire and see if she knew about them and how to install because THIS was going to be my next hairstyle! Lucky for me she's used to these random late night hair texts and let me know her sister knew how to do exactly what I wanted. Talk about goose bumps! I quickly sent a few texts to those in my inner circle regarding my hair 'spiration and they loved it. Except my husband who was all "that's different ." Umm, what does that mean? I took i

Bringing Visions To Life: Soul Era Re-Cap

So, last week. It was kind of a banner week around here. I knocked one of my vision board/ bucket list items off of my list for 2015 and I cannot stop smiling. A few weeks ago I wrote about how Macy's was hosting panels all over the country on the Soul Era of Style in honor of Black History Month. As soon as I saw that June Ambrose was one of the panelist I jumped at the chance to attend and promote the event. A long time fan of her style, persona, tv show, shoe line and #rockmom life, it was like a dream come true. Even if there was no guarantee I was going to meet her, I HAD to go. She is my spirit animal. At a time when I was searching desperately for some kind of visual representation of my style (or who I want to be when I grow up) I discovered June's show and was smitten. Her energy was contagious and I could feel her passion through the screen. When I finally joined Instagram she was one of the first people I followed and I've enjoyed watching her grow her care

Sippin On Sunday: Link Love

Somehow this week (like many others) managed to get away from me and I am late posting the link and libation of the week. But not to worry there was some GOOD stuff out there this week. There were the Oscars and the backlash over Fashion Police comments, the dress that went round the world and divided families everywhere, and I also had my first set of negative comments about something I wrote which is a bit different for me. Being that I generally write in the lifestyle (beauty/home/fashion) categories I don't really get a ton of negative feedback on my posts. I understand if people don't like the outfits I put together because they may not be their personal taste but I don't take that personally. However, in the last few weeks I've written on a more personal nature and therefore opened myself up to others 'insights' about who I am. I have to admit it was weird and it stung a bit to read people saying that I'm insecure or that I am somehow being a cowar