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It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed with ASOS and shopping online in general. It gives me a little thrill to hit "proceed to checkout", punch in whatever discount code I have and then get the subsequent email confirmations that my package is on it's way to me. But at the same time I'm also making a valiant effort to truly streamline my wardrobe and curb my compulsion for consumption. I've come a long way believe you me, but as I begin the fun process of my annual closet purge I can see there are a few things that I still need to really complete my wardrobe in terms of staple items.
For example: I could use a simple black dress. Don't get me wrong, I have several black dresses. But nothing that is sort of an all purpose type dress. One has lace, one is a tank (and a little on the shorter side) another is of the shirt dress variety and all are specific as to what type of event they lend themselves towards. What I really need is a simple all purpose shift dress.
I think I've found a few I like and it helps that I have a gift card so I'm pretty excited to sneak off one afternoon and try a few things on. But that's another post.

The other item I'm looking to replace is the floral printed dress. Oddly once upon a time I was strongly against floral print of any kind but clearly I have since changed my stance on that.
I purchased the Prabal Gurung for Target A-line dress and it was lovely but I knew when I bought it that it wasn't really ME but I loved the print so much! I'm not a full skirted dress type of lady really.  At least not the way that piece is cut. So it's going to have to go, however, a floral dress is always a handy piece to have in the arsenal as it can do double duty as both a casual and more elegant dress.
I've got my finger on the trigger of this one by Warehouse from ASOS and I'm sure I've said before how beneficial it is to have a printed dress hanging in the closet ready to go at all times.

It makes me feel put together even when I'm feeling like I don't really have it together and it tends to break up the abundance of solid colors in my wardrobe. One of the main draws for me, to this particular print is the bright splash of yellow and pops of green that mix seamlessly with the grey/ black/white theme and even that there are even hints of blue. The grey trim on the sleeves is a fun contrast while the overall color combination  can easily transition between seasons. I can see pairing this with sandals, heels, wedges, tights and my favorite ankle boots. I'd also like to see it with some of my favorite chapeaus and necklaces too.

As in previous years, I have no desire to purchase items on a whim and I'm for sure making a more concentrated effort  than ever to only purchase items I really and truly love and can see myself wearing for awhile. If that means spending a little more per item and buying less then so be it. This Warehouse dress is a prime example, it was originally $95 (roughly $100 + shipping + tax) and it was then marked down to $66 and getting back to about $70 with shipping so I saved about $30. I'm familiar with quality of the brand so this was a practical purchase for me. Now some of you might be saying either that's not a lot or that's too much. There's no pleasing everyone but since I don't shop all that often (although it would appear otherwise from my instagram dressing room diaries) this is

Also, let it be said, I've learned over the last year, I'm not really a form fitting dress kind of woman. I don't mind them, but for some reason I feel somewhat self conscious in them so I tend to lean toward a looser shift style and while going through my closet I've come to realize that's sort of my 'signature' look. I don't mind a plunging neckline, open back or even a shorter length but I am not about the body con. That's not to say I don't own an figure hugging dresses but that those aren't really my forte and at this stage in my personal style quest I need to focus on what works and what I feel great in. Shifts are where it's at.

Do you have a favorite style of dress? Tell me in the comments!

*this is not a sponsored post....I just love ASOS!!


  1. I totally understand. I'm not at all a body con kinda girl, but one of my girlfriends gifted me a dress that is awesome! The print is ridic but I have yet to wear it because it's bodycon. The dress looks very nice on, it's just so far from my style at this moment. I'm not going to give up on it just yet, I think I'll hang on to it a little while longer.


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