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It's just HAIR , right?

I've never really been one to be defined by my hair yet so many of my memories about self love/worth surround my hair.
Once upon a time I had long thick hair and it was fabulous. Then I was the unfortunate recepient of a bad perm that caused the majority of my hair to fall out. That was then 'fixed' by a "curl" or "wave nouveau" that was all the rage and my hair began to spiral downward from there. By the time the 'curl' grew out I had already had braids a couple of times and wasn't a fan of sitting for hours on end while I laid there and let someone pull my hair to it's capacity. After the curl and the braids I ended up on that creamy crack ( a perm) curling and damaging my hair all along the way. At some point I wanted a change and begged my mother to purposely cut it all off my junior year in high school.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Short hair changed things somehow and I liked the way my hair framed my face, that I…

Capsule Wardrobe - Killer Concept or Complete Closet Crap?

When I first sort of discovered 'fashion blogging' I was still pregnant with Baby Ninja and looking forward to re-working my personal style as a young(ish) mom and fashion forward individual. I  remember stumbling across, Kendi Everyday and her 30 x 30 Remix Challenge (take 30 items in your closet, make 30 outfits)  on a late night Pinterest binge. That's actually how I first discovered Andrea at For The Love Of. But back then, she was Four Flights Of Fancy, anyhow, I liked how Andrea took on the challenge and made it work in her everyday mom life. As a working mom with one on the way, I could totally appreciate that.  Getting dressed had begun to seem like a chore and I knew with a newborn I needed to streamline as much as possible. I  also knew I wasn't going to have much to work with being between sizes and her posts gave me great ideas for stretching my postpartum wardrobe. Although I never actually tackled my own 30 x 30 remix I enjoyed seeing how the ladies w…

Weekend Links: New Year New Me

It's been awhile since we last did but there is just SO much good stuff out there on the internet it begs to be shared with everyone! And if you don't follow me on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter (and really why are you not?) then you're definitely missing out on some of these gems.

So let's recap shall we? I got back to blogging this week by jumping straight in with a wardrobe workhorse post about the shift dress. In this case it's a printed version but they are my jam. Everyone needs one.
I was on MommyNoire talking about how to keep rocking your holiday wear well into the new year. I see no reason to not wear sequins during the day. Do you?  Also note to self, I need sparkly oxfords.

-Let’s Get Drinks-  This piece in The New Yorker nails the exchange between women who want to hang out but don't want to commit to hang out all while highlighting the crazy in the world. Brilliant.  -Churn downfor what - I love the internet at times like this. While it sucks to be…

2014 A Look Back + Some Lessons Learned

Happy New Year y'all!
Even if I am about two weeks late. I love the beginning of the year. I love change ( to an extent) and I dig a fresh start. I love all the new year new me postings. And I love reflecting on how far we’ve/I’ve come in 365 days and how excited we all are to start anew. It's been so long since I've posted over here and for that I apologize! I've had ideas and thoughts but a lack of words and the ability to coherently express them.  I spent the latter part of the year in a bit of a downward spiral internalizing negative vitriol found in the comments section while alternately laughing hysterically at random videos. Subsequently I  had a hard time getting out of the heavy fog in which I was wallowing. I took a little (unintentional but necessary) time off from writing over here and focused on my writing for MommyNoire and For Harriet (and it's sister sites) while catching up on all the DIY's I had been putting off. It sort of felt good to check…

Shifting Gears

It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed with ASOS and shopping online in general. It gives me a little thrill to hit "proceed to checkout", punch in whatever discount code I have and then get the subsequent email confirmations that my package is on it's way to me. But at the same time I'm also making a valiant effort to truly streamline my wardrobe and curb my compulsion for consumption. I've come a long way believe you me, but as I begin the fun process of my annual closet purge I can see there are a few things that I still need to really complete my wardrobe in terms of staple items.
For example: I could use a simple black dress. Don't get me wrong, I have several black dresses. But nothing that is sort of an all purpose type dress. One has lace, one is a tank (and a little on the shorter side) another is of the shirt dress variety and all are specific as to what type of event they lend themselves towards. What I really need is a simple all purpos…

Holiday Redux - Casual Glam

If you're like me, maybe you're feeling a bit of the post-holiday blues? The gloomy weather we So Cal residents are experiencing are definitely playing a role in our January moods and it's only fitting that we spend a few hours staring off into the distance reminiscing about that FABULOUS holiday soiree we attended or how much we loved our office holiday party outfit and musing about why we don't wear sequins EVERY.DAY.
The struggle is real, which is why I created a Holiday party redux - a great way to gain inspiration on how to wear some of your favorite party pieces well into the new year!

Read the full story over on MommyNoire........

Casual Glam by carpools2cocktails featuring thick rimmed glasses

T By Alexander Wang asymmetrical hem top, / H&M pants / Converse footwear / Proenza Schouler studded shoulder bag / H M hinged cuff bracelet / Black jewelry / Hallhuber hat / Thick rimmed glasses / Mac cosmetics lipstick