Mamanista Fridays: Fall Hat Edition

I love a good style link up and feel like I haven't done one in awhile since my style posts have been few and far between. I used to link up with The Pleated Poppy religiously every Wednesday as well as a few others but that kind of fell off in the last year as I've cut back a bit on the style posts as I've tried to get my head above water. Part of why I love to do them is for the inspiration and because I'm nosy and like to see what other people are wearing or how they style a trend. Rather, what their interpretation of a trend is. I love it when people can take one item and showcase it in so many ways. Gets my blood pumping.

However, I am always up for a challenge so when I see any of my favorite stylish bloggers are doing a link up, I try my best to join in. For this particular challenge I'm joining Trina and Araceily, aka The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files  in rocking Fall hats.  I've always loved hats, thanks to spending many a Sunday in a mid-western Baptist church. I used to count hats to keep myself entertained as young girl. My grandma was a the queen of a fly church hat and had boxes of them in her closet. I'm still sad I only inherited one fabulous chapeau when she passed away.  As my hair has grown out over the last few years my hat love has grown since it no longer looks silly (in my eyes) when I wear a floppy wide brimmed hat or fancy fedora. But still I have a tiny head so it's kind of a struggle to find ones that fit and look cute.

Hat: Target (similar) // Bag: Steve Madden via Nordstrom  Rack // Jeans: Joe's  // Boots: Sole Society (similar) // Kimono: ASOS // Tee: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

However, recently I've lucked up and seen so many cute styles so when I saw what the challenge for this week was, fall hats, I was pumped. The temperature finally dropped here in So Cal so even though it's still pretty warm in the I.E. I was thrilled when the thermostat didn't get above 70 the other day. ( I know, some of y'all have snow. #sorrynotsorry) I could wear a hat AND rock my favorite kimono? Winning! Sure it might seem odd that I'm wearing what many consider a summer piece in fall but that's the whole point of transitional dressing right? Figure out a way to stretch your wardrobe? Done and done.

I've only worn this particular hat once since I bought it late last season (come to think of it, I may have even purchased it this year!ha!) as the weather just didn't call for it. I was also slightly put out that I didn't snag it in black as well but as luck would have it, the black version was in Target just yesterday! Yahhtzeee! Score one for the mom! I didn't break my no shopping for the season ban as this was already on my list of items to purchase when I found it.  So now I have two identical hats that I love that can add to my wardrobe and protect my hair from the elements.
Can't wait to see what next week's challenge is and if I can pull it off!

How do you protect your hair in the colder months?


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