Mama Style: A Day at Disney

Now that it's "officially" Fall I am counting down the days permanent until cooler weather settles in thanks in great part to a ridiculous heatwave we Southern Californians had the last few months and also because that means it's almost time for the Holidays!! I am super excited about them this year as Baby Ninja is a bit older and has a better understanding of what all the fuss is about. I'm excited to show him all the beauty and wonder that the world has to offer around this time and one of my favorite things is going to Disneyland to see all the crazy fabulous decorations.
The Disneyland staff does it bigger and better every year and I'm kind of embarrassed to say we haven't been in years despite the fact that we don't live terribly far from the park. One of my favorite family memories is when D and I (along with 15+ other family members) took Sweet Pea for her 5th birthday. We had a blast and even though she was too small to experience some of my favorite rides it was pretty awesome to watch her little face light up at all the fun experiences, sights and sounds.
We also had the pleasure of taking her for the Halloween and then Christmas celebrations and she just marveled at all the twinkle lights and the parade and then, the piece de resistance.......SNOW! In So Cal!!
It's just so fabulous and I've been thinking that I want to take Baby Ninja this season so he can experience it and because I think we're long over due for a Disney day. It also helps that he's only recently discovered / developed a love for Mickey Mouse a(and subsequently Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) so I think the time is just right for our first to the house of mouse as a family of four.

Disney Day

The thing about going to Disneyland as a mom (and theme parks in general) is mastering the art of layered dressing. You know you're going to be there all day, getting on and off rides, chasing after the kids and consuming copious amounts of frozen lemonade and churros, so you want to be comfortable but you still want to look cute for all those precious family photos you'll be snapping. My go to look for any amusement park in cooler weather is always jeans, a tee and sneakers.
I get creative with my tee (always some cool graphic type) and try to keep the accessories to a minimum but obviously still be wearing something. No earrings makes me feel naked so those are a given but you never want to wear anything that may catch on a headrest or something.
A sweater is needed as the day turns into dusk and the weather grows cooler (a light jacket is also great for layering). Yet, another reason for the backpack. No one wants to lug a huge purse through the park and being mom means not only carrying my gear but that of everyone else too. And since we're out of the diaper bag stage but not yet into the no-need-for-anything-extra-except-jackets stage a decent size bag is a must. Lastly, a scarf is a practical just in case addition as you never know who might need an extra layer. Of course I'll probably top all this off with an additional layer and it varies between a leather moto jacket and a cargo jacket.

So many friends have already begun to experience the magic and post photos and I can't wait to share similar majestic moments with my crew!

Have you ever been to Disneyland / DisneyWorld during the Holidays? How was it?

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  1. You're quite a Mommy. I don't live in southern California but I do live in California and I am tired of warm weather and will be glad when I can wear a coat.


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