Currently Crushing: Midi Skirt + Crop Top

I'm still committing to not shopping for the season (minus a few items I've already planned to purchase ) but that doesn't mean I don't have my eyes on things!
Lately I've been quietly obsessing about crop tops. I know what you might be thinking.....isn't she like a 35 year old HOUSEWIFE? Why would she wear that? But, I think I really want one and have in my head how I want it to look, I just haven't found But it's out there, I'm sure of it. 
I'm also equally obsessed with midi skirts. As someone 5'4 it's always a bit daunting to find the correct length skirt for my body type and while I love the midi it's almost always shown on someone who is at least 4 inches taller than me. So I worry. Admittedly this was a trend I wasn't initially too keen on as I've never really been a fan of skirts that hit below the knee since I didn't think they looked right on me. But, it's starting to grow on me. The itch began way back in April around Lucky FABB. There were so many midi skirts on a variety of body and personality types that it got me thinking.
Then summer showed up with all it's promise of hot days of living in cut-offs and loose dresses and I forgot all about it.
 But then I cam across this floral look on ASOS and I just absolutely fell in love. 

Completely out of my regular style zone, it meets all my mental requirements of the crop top + midi combo. I love that the top is bit more boxy and not too fitted, and the dark moody floral print lends itself to the cooler temps of the season and I can see wearing this for several occasions both together and separately. Generally I don't have many opportunities to pull off a full skirt (what with all the toddler chasing) but I think I can make this work as more of an investment purchase and play around to see how I could wear both items with other pieces in my closet.

And then there's this killer ensemble from River Island also from ASOS. (Seriously that place is dangerous for me!)  I can totally see this on a more dressed up date with the hubs or even a hip evening wedding. I love that it's both simple yet dramatic and still not too over the top trying-too-hard-to-wear-a-trend ensemble. It exudes a sexy sophistication without screaming "look at me" and I think, it's a kind of a classy version of the trend. I mean yes, the stomach baring top will require a few more crunches and a little less beer, but I feel that the length and fit of the skirt balances it all out. Look at me justifying. I don't know why I feel the need to do that, guess trying to validate my lust for this particular trend. Even though this particular top is decidedly more fitted than the previous selection , the shape makes it interesting and the cut is flattering and feminine allowing it more wears than just pairing it with a midi skirt.

Both of these ensembles are sitting in my cart just waiting for me to pull the trigger before they're sold out in my size. I really want to but I'm a bit scurred to step so far out of my zone, but then again, if I don't try it, how will I ever know if it's truly in my "zone" or not?

What are you crushing on lately?


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