Mama Monday: Making the Most of Moments Creative Galaxy

Thank you Amazon Studios for sponsoring this post. Find inspiration for new art projects and fun by checking out the new episodes of Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime!

We are in the throws of toddler hood around here and it's been a challenge to find things to do that are not only inexpensive but educational and capture the attention of the Baby Ninja. He's a very busy boy and loves to play and recently has shown interest in more artistic endeavors so I was happy to hear about Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime Instant Video.  We already love our Amazon Prime Instant Video app and the boy knows how to navigate through to what he wants to watch and that has saved our sanity on more than one occasion. Our recent trip to San Francisco proved our Tiny Tornado had a passion for creative exploration and I have no problem letting him quench his thirst.

In a technological age I'm all about exposing my kids to art in every way possible. Even if that means using technology to do so. What we love about Creative Galaxy was that it encourage the viewer to create alongside Arty and Epiphany while reminding us that art is in everything and surrounds us every day. The show, the brainchild of Creator and Executive Producer Angela Santomero, who's also worked another favorite around here; Super Why! , is an interactive art adventure series for preschoolers and aims to inspire creative thinking through crafts, music and dance.
Okay so I know what you might be thinking, "It's TV (sort of) .....and  aren't we trying to get away from plopping our kids down in front of a device to keep them occupied?" Yes.  But Creative Galaxy isn't like that. It's a fun half an hour thing we can do in the mornings when it's still too cool to head outside and gets our creative juices flowing for the rest of the day. Also, I don't know about you, but I'm not always the best with toddler friendly crafts. This helps remind me it doesn't have to be Pinterest pretty  or perfect to be fun or educational.

One of the first episodes we watched was particularly timely as we've been celebrating D's birthday so we decided we should make him a birthday card like Arty made his invitation. I was sweating bullets about bringing out glue, glitter and the like we kept it simple with stickers and crayons and I think it turned out just great.
As a work at home mom, I love that this is something he can do under supervision in my office while I work and he watches an episode and then we figure out if we want to do the craft shown or make something similar. He likes to keep crayons and paper handy while watching just in case he inspiration strikes.

I'm so happy we were able to try this app and can't wait to see what else we can create and what more they come up with for us to explore!

Are there any apps or programs for kids, that you love?

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