'Aint no thang but a Chicken Wang + Beer

I love celebrating birthdays (most specifically mine) but also for my people. I also love to host gatherings and see nothing wrong with having a house full of friends and their children on a regular basis. My husband on the other hand..... well, he's not always such a huge fan. He enjoys having friends over but there's always a bunch of work that has to be done around the house to get party ready and for some reason we seem to decide to do projects around the house beforehand and that eats into the prep+cleaning time and then we're scrambling on the day of.

However, despite his not so serious protests we cleaned up the house and gathered some folks for a fun afternoon of all the things my man loves. Food, friends, football and of course.....beer.
While our wine palates have grown in the last few years, I've never been a fan of beer. I've "tried" a few over the years and have immediately shaken my head and looked for something else to wash it down with upon tasting. But my man likes beer, rather, he enjoys beer and the many varieties thereof. I'm not mad at that.
I've had it in the back of my mind for some time that I wanted to host a wine / beer. Particularly since we now have the space for it. So what better way to combine my long awaited party ideas with his love of beer, football and celebrate his birthday in a low key way?

When I first dreamed up the idea all I could picture was kraft paper covering the table but I was wavering on what to serve when Sweet Pea suggested brunch and then I thought "Yes! Waffle bar! But wait, does that go with beer? We need something savory..." Thusly the chicken + waffle beer bash was born. I'm not going to lie, I tend to get a little over-excited when it comes to party planning and had to remind myself that this was a 'man-bash' and therefore could not be covered in golden sparkles.  So I decided to keep things really simple for myself and and stick with a neutral theme and let the food take center stage.

Of course Pinterest played a key factor in giving me ideas on decor, set up and even invitation wording but mainly for recipes. Because I know my limitations and have learned from the ghosts of parties past, I decided I would only make 3 things the day of, the sausage and waffles. I purchased the chicken wings from Albertson's (my fried chicken struggle is real) as well as chicken tenders for the chicken + waffle sliders.

You may remember my excitement when the Witt + Delight collection for Target hit stores, as they had a tasting kit already created! One less thing I had to make!  All we had to do was open and set it up! Done and done! The fellas were impressed with the set up and I was impressed they actually took the time to write down their opinions.

For some reason I like to try out new recipes when I'm entertaining and I never think about what could go wrong or what I'll do if it doesn't turn out, well, not too much anyway. So I decided to bake mini Apple Cider donut holes. The recipe seemed easy enough and while they didn't exactly look like they did in the original recipe, they were damn delicious. I will be making more this week.

(recipe note: I subbed coconut oil for butter and they turned out great!)

And of course we had to have some kind of dessert!! Y'all know I love to bake somebody happy and hosting parties is pretty much an excuse to break out a new cupcake recipe and I have about a million on my list left to try. However, this was  manly bash and I didn't want to do anything too overwhelmingly sweet or girlified that would clash with the vibe. So maple bacon cupcakes were definitely in order. The combination of the sweet & savory candied bacon, maple buttercream frosting and butter cake were spot on with chicken and beer.

I also made a banana pudding poke cake for my man because he LOVES banana pudding and cake. And well, I don't like a banana nothin' and have been promising to make this cake for at least the last two years. But I always somehow 'forget' or we end up making something else and I've been feeling kind of bad about that. Well, this past Sunday it finally happened. He was thrilled to say the least and even offered to share some with his friends, which was even more impressive. 

I have to say, we have a great group of friends who always show up for my man and I love how everyone can come hang out and not have to be 'entertained'. D kept wondering (aloud) what we were going to do with the kids while the guys were watching football and I just shook my head. I keep it old school, so if you're little and you come to my house, just know you're heading outside if the weather permits (and let's face it; this is southern California, it's rare that you can't be outside!) so be prepared to get dirty!! Ha! It was a glorious day for hanging with friends and I couldn't have been happier. Dirty floors, house full of folks and kids running everywhere but my heart was full to burstin'. This is what I love.

Happy 38th Birthday D!!!


  1. Those Chicken and waffle sliders are GENIUS, such a great idea. A chicken, waffle and beer brunch looks like a lot of delicious fun. I'm not a huge fan or beer either, I usually mix it half and half with lemonade, that's really good.

  2. WOW!! This is such a cool idea! I'm not a beer girl either. I'm totally a wine girl. But I was just turned on to an apple ale that is nice. But I'm ALWAYS down for some chicken! LOL!!

    7eventh Letter


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