Friday Happy Hour: The "I Can't" Edition

Happy Friday y'all!  I feel like that although this week flew by it was pretty draining. I am still working at getting out of this summer haze I've been in for the last several weeks, hence the return of the Friday Happy Hour!! I have to make the effort if I want to reap the results (getting back to posting regularly) and writing everyday is a must. Even if it's not "perfect" which is what I think I've been struggling with. Creating perfect content, having just the right "look" for, well, everything. Home, work, physical appearance. It's been a total contradiction to my normal mindset and I've been deeply unsettled about this shift in consciousness.
But, taking action is the first step so that's what I'm doing. Starting today, with this post.

The Internets: Things have been a little heavy news wise the last few days to the point that it's almost been too much to handle. So I've been cruising the internet as I have work to do and thusly research for said work (and because social media) and I came across some ridiculously funny shit that I felt the need to share.

BaddieWinkle - Every once in awhile I come across something that just tickles me so and BaddieWinkle is exactly that. An FB friend shared the link and I was so intrigued I had to share as well. This octogenarian is trill for life and has no problem letting you know she's a bad granna. All I can say is; Get it girl. Enjoy.

Auntie Fee - Funniest thing I've seen ALL week. She cusses like a sailor and cooks like a college student  but y'all, like I mean, I HOLLERED for a good twenty minutes because I had to pause it several times to get it together. I watched the videos on Luvvie's page a couple of times and could not stop laughing. I had TEARS ya'll. like for real. Breathing hard and all that. I guarantee you will giggle at least once.  Sure you may be a little grossed out by what she's preparing but her earnest nature and overall tone are going to have you sucked in in no time! "This bitch is ready!"

man takes maternity photos for wife - I have so.many.questions. But this is hilarious. Maternity photos can be both absolutely lovely and ridiculously awkward so I kind of dug this take on them. I personally didn't take any with either pregnancy and while a small part of me wishes I had captured that moment in time, the other part is okay with not having had to stress about them. Because photo shoots are stressful and I'm a terrible model.

hair crushing:  I'm forever on the lookout for "the hairstyle" you know the one, that looks like you but is somewhat effortless while still allowing for versatility. Yeah that. And we know from past experience I love to switch up my hair often (thank you  Beyonce for worldwide weave acceptance)  so I've been gathering ideas for fall style and came across these two beauties and absolutely fell in love with their hair  vicky logann + taye hansberry Of course I realize my hair isn't the same length as theirs but it gives me a visual image to focus on and work towards. I basically just want to get the length in the front but these ladies give me such inspiration on colors and styles. oh and their personal style is kind of dope too.

images via +VICKYLOGAN 

Another libation loving friend sent me a Pin and I am bound and determined to recreate it this afternoon.  Frozen Vodka Lemonade Slush  in the heat of summer? Yes please and thank you!  Get you some today!! I know what I'll be making this weekend!

So what plans do y'all have for the weekend?


  1. OMG!! I came across that Grandma at some point in time and I can't for real with her! Hilarious!

    I just cut my hair in a bob and I'm telling you the freedom is love. I think I'm going to let it grow back though because I sorely miss my top knot. She took off all of the bad hair with the cut so now I just need to take good care of it.


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