On The Black List

I've decided to take on another shopping challenge. Similar to last fall's no shop September, I'm going to see if I can take it a step further and just not shop for the entire season. Yes. A whole season of fall /winter fashion and I won't be partaking in any of it. It both scares and excites me. When I really think about it I don't really need anything. I mean sure I can rationalize just about any purchase but the reality is there isn't much that I don't already own when it comes to a functional wardrobe.
The only things I would need (read:still a want) to add are staple pieces like torn black skinny jeans and a slightly over-size black / grey sweater, perhaps a good black winter hat, definitely some black chucks and I'm still in search of a black romper. Weather be damned. I've got boots up the wazoo so the only thing I really think I'm "lacking" (for "lack" of a beter word) is in the accessories department. I really just want to focus on streamlining the closet I have and working on actually wearing all the pieces in as many different ways as I can imagine. Obviously jewelry helps because it changes the feel of an ensemble so I can easily see mixing casual clothes with more elegant styled pieces. And I love that. Being that my whole life is circus of motherhood, wifedom, freelancing and friendship I need maximum versatility from everything I wear.

Fall's Black List
The only way I'm breaking my shopping ban is if I stumble across any of these pieces at a great price and the timing is right. Clearly, this doesn't mean I can't look, or go shopping for other people, I do like to be inspired by what's out there. It just means that I won't necessarily be purchasing a whole lot for myself. Makes me a little sad thinking about it already but I know my bank account (and husband) will be a whole lot happier if I save a few dollars in the clothing department. Maybe that will inspire me to spend a little on organizing my closet a little better. So yeah, no shopping for me for awhile. Part of me wants to put it out there and say for three months beginning September 1st but the other part of me says just commit to a month and then see how it goes.  Wish me luck?

Is there anything on your fall fashion wish list?


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