Back To School: Mama Style

September is just around the corner and many schools have already begun to get back under way while the rest of us are still grasping on to the last remaining bits of summer. It's been fun enjoying a more relaxed schedule, lazing about and not really having to get dressed beyond cut-offs, flowy tanks and flip flops. But the time is coming and pretty soon it will be back to homework, making lunches, carpools and putting on "real" clothes. And that doesn't apply only to the kids, us mamas have to get it back together too. Myself included. I've had a pretty good summer of not putting much effort into what I throw on each day unless we are going somewhere that doesn't require a bathing suit.

We start back in just two short weeks and I'm already anticipating all the fall kick-off and back to school events that will be happening. Now, don't think that it's all about what happens at school, no these looks are for day and night. Truly from carpool to cocktails - I've created some fun outfits to get you through those seemingly endless meet and greets that will have you feeling confident and fabulous!

Get out of those yoga pants (unless you're on your way to yoga) and get into something a little more back to school casual cool with these outfit ideas for your morning carpool and then post drop-off coffee meet up. Perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans, bright fun flats for a pop of color and a little cheekiness with a graphic tee. Cuz aren't we all 'bout that mom life? 
The little black dress isn't just for evening's out. A fitted tank style makes looking pulled together easy with some fun accessories and a chambray shirt  is the perfect layer when faced with the over active air conditioner at the local coffee shop or just to add dimension to an already killer outfit.

Some will say the PTA is right up there with the mafia with their gangster like intimidation tactics and -oft times over the top personalities.  I fully admit to being overwhelmed by them when I first began my journey as a school mom, but now, I like to think of them as a crafty gang committed to making my kids school year fun. It helps I've made friends since my first foray into school mom life but no matter how you feel about them, you still want to put your best foot forward for parent related school functions right?  Simple dresses with eye catching accessories are the keys to all three of these looks. Stripes are always in style and add a touch of refinement no matter how they're done.
Not overly fussy or too casual these stylish frocks will have you looking fresh and ready for what ever volunteer project is thrown your way!

It's not just about looking great during school hours, we all know a mama's day isn't done once school lets out. There are after school practices and let's not forget that all important cocktail catch up session with girlfriends! Keep it cute with a graphic tee, jeans and sneakers for your role as team mom or just sitting and cheering along. Get even cuter with a bright lace skirt and floral heels for post dinner/bedtime drinks with the girls. Catch up on  all the great back to school drama and dish about everyone's first day back while looking super mom cool.

These are just a few ideas for the many school related events that may crop up these first few weeks back. Heck, you can pretty much use this as a template for the entire year!  No matter your personal style, be it a bit more polished and preppy or more relaxed and boho, I offer these outfits up as inspiration to kick off the school year in something a little snazzier than cut-offs or sweatpants.

What's your go to school mama style?


  1. Glad I saw this post today! I have to go to back to school night tonight and I was sitting here stressing about what the heck to wear. (It's my first back to school night) :)

  2. I love this! I think I need to go shopping. Thanks Amber!

  3. That PTA kickoff outfit gives me life!

  4. All all of this. Love how t shirts were styled. You can never go wrong with a good t shirt

  5. Love these looks! Although I am dreading the end of summer and the start of a routine, these looks are nudging me along. Thanks!!


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