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Friday Happy Hour: The "I Can't" Edition

Happy Friday y'all!  I feel like that although this week flew by it was pretty draining. I am still working at getting out of this summer haze I've been in for the last several weeks, hence the return of the Friday Happy Hour!! I have to make the effort if I want to reap the results (getting back to posting regularly) and writing everyday is a must. Even if it's not "perfect" which is what I think I've been struggling with. Creating perfect content, having just the right "look" for, well, everything. Home, work, physical appearance. It's been a total contradiction to my normal mindset and I've been deeply unsettled about this shift in consciousness. But, taking action is the first step so that's what I'm doing. Starting today, with this post. The Internets : Things have been a little heavy news wise the last few days to the point that it's almost been too much to handle. So I've been cruising the internet as I have work to

Back To School: Mama Style

September is just around the corner and many schools have already begun to get back under way while the rest of us are still grasping on to the last remaining bits of summer. It's been fun enjoying a more relaxed schedule, lazing about and not really having to get dressed beyond cut-offs, flowy tanks and flip flops. But the time is coming and pretty soon it will be back to homework, making lunches, carpools and putting on "real" clothes. And that doesn't apply only to the kids, us mamas have to get it back together too. Myself included. I've had a pretty good summer of not putting much effort into what I throw on each day unless we are going somewhere that doesn't require a bathing suit. We start back in just two short weeks and I'm already anticipating all the fall kick-off and back to school events that will be happening. Now, don't think that it's all about what happens at school, no these looks are for day and night. Truly from carpool to coc

On The Black List

I've decided to take on another shopping challenge. Similar to last fall's no shop September , I'm going to see if I can take it a step further and just not shop for the entire season. Yes. A whole season of fall /winter fashion and I won't be partaking in any of it. It both scares and excites me. When I really think about it I don't really  need  anything. I mean sure I can rationalize just about any purchase but the reality is there isn't much that I don't already own when it comes to a functional wardrobe. The only things I would  need   (read:still a want)  to add are staple pieces like torn black skinny jeans and a slightly over-size black / grey sweater, perhaps a good black winter hat, definitely some black chucks and I'm still in search of a black romper. Weather be damned. I've got boots up the wazoo so the only thing I really think I'm "lacking" (for "lack" of a beter word) is in the accessories department. I re