Daily Style: Sunday Brunch NYC Edition

Have I  mentioned what a blast I had in New York three weeks ago and I'm still on somewhat of a 'post vacation high' from it? Just as exciting as the conference and as much fun as hanging with friends was all the fabulous fashion I saw. Talk about inspiration! Every single style of dress was/is represented on the streets and subway platforms and I almost broke my neck (or got punched in the face) trying to see it all! I loved being around it all and truly felt inspired. My "vacation" style is really simple and I chose not to stray too far from my tried and true packing ideas (keep it simple but mix+match) while I was there. But traveling to the East Coast and deciding what to wear can be tricky for a California native, especially one who is so entrenched in her West Coast style, so I figured if there was ever a time to push boundaries on my ensembles it was then. Not that sneakers and a dress is ground breaking, but for me, it's a little different.

 On Sunday my friend Christina checked out my leopard kicks paired with my bright scarf and bold printed dress and commented "I am LOVING your New York style! It's very boho casual but doesn't scream HIPSTER" ha! Thanks Tina! She totally gets it! She knew (without me telling her) that I was rocking a bit of a different vibe than I do on the West Coast. It wasn't even planned really but it just seemed like pairing leopard sneaks with a printed dress was very "I'm spending the day in the Village and walking around DUMBO" appropriate. The contrasted prints, the bright colors on the dress combined with the pop of color on the scarf and bag made me feel a bit like the boho gypsy I feel lives inside. I kind of loved it.

I snagged this dress a few weeks back while searching for some cute workout wear at Nordstrom Rack.Y'all know I can't pass up a good deal and how I love a simple summer dress so that workout gear never stood a chance. I then wandered over to the shoe section because duh, and there they were, the leopard sneakers of wish lists pasts. Of course I've been crushing on these kicks ever since they first hit the scene but was hesitant to pay full price. Luckily for me, they went on sale just in time for my birthday (obviously) and they were the second to last pair. Clearly it was a sign and I was all too happy to scoop them  up.

They were the perfect last minute addition to my suitcase as I knew I would soon grow tired of walking around in my sandals. I can't front though,  I felt pretty "cool" (in the young effortless hipster style sort of way) about my sneaks + dress + hair scarf combo. I had it in my head what I wanted to look like and it actually came together, which is awesome because it's rare that the visual in my head adds up to the reality. It's not a style I usually rock but I felt good as soon as I put it on and it made my day that much better because of it. I've learned, that if I'm not satisfied with my outfit or hair then I'm slightly distracted all day because I'm fidgeting/fussing with the things I'm not thrilled about and therefore not at all in the moment. Sunday, I was totally in the moment.

Laughing hysterically at a sidewalk cafe over breakfast with my three best friends in a city that I don't call home was the perfect way to end my weekend. Feeling confident in my ensemble and where I am in life. Sharing ideas for the future while giggling about the passersby.  It was both refreshing and rejuvenating in that I got to play around with some styles, escape from the cut-offs + tank tops way of life that is my summer uniform and be inspired by what I saw. Spending time with women who know me inside and out was tantamount to a weekend at the spa. Sort of.

Does your fashion style change depending on the city your in? Have you ever been influenced by street style while on vacation?


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