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In the Meantime in Between time

"Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well." George R.R. Martin
I've been on an unintentional hiatus from here for quite some time. It all started back in June with me fretting about Sweet Pea's graduation and my impending milestone birthday and then just snowballed from there. Somehow things got away from me and posts got written but never edited. Photos got taken but never uploaded and then it was just so nice to be still and not a slave to the computer (a bit), to really enjoy the (sometimes) lazy summer days and play with the kids. I know this is probably the last summer that Sweet Pea will want to hang out with us like this so I'm making it a point to disconnect a bit from the hustle and bustle of social media to hang with my tiny folk.

Not to say that we've just been sitting around blowing bubbles and dandelions. No, we've been busy. (sort of). Birthday parties, trips to the park and local splash pad. Afternoon ice cream treats, mornings at…

Daily Style: Sunday Brunch NYC Edition

Have I  mentioned what a blast I had in New York three weeks ago and I'm still on somewhat of a 'post vacation high' from it? Just as exciting as the conference and as much fun as hanging with friends was all the fabulous fashion I saw. Talk about inspiration! Every single style of dress was/is represented on the streets and subway platforms and I almost broke my neck (or got punched in the face) trying to see it all! I loved being around it all and truly felt inspired. My "vacation" style is really simple and I chose not to stray too far from my tried and true packing ideas(keep it simple but mix+match) while I was there. But traveling to the East Coast and deciding what to wear can be tricky for a California native, especially one who is so entrenched in her West Coast style, so I figured if there was ever a time to push boundaries on my ensembles it was then. Not that sneakers and a dress is ground breaking, but for me, it's a little different.

 On Sunday…

Afternoon Fancies With N7 Creamery

On Friday I was invited to a private event at N7 Creameryin honor of their first ever retail store at the Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. Best known for their unique handcrafted ice cream made using a liquid nitrogen process, they specialize in using local ingredients in a dreamy environment that encourages socialization and community. We had passed by the location a few weeks prior when visiting the area and I recall telling Sweet Pea that it seemed like someplace she would enjoy and we must make a note to visit at some point. Lucky for her, I, along with a few other bloggers were invited to take a tour of the new space, ask questions of the staff and sample some of the coffee, ice cream and other delicious baked goods. It was heavenly.

 We were lucky enough to sample pretty much every thing they serve on a daily basis (cinnamon rolls, peach hand pie, mini fruit tart with crumbled pistachios, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate tart with salted chocolate caramel ganache) and wer…