Think Like A Man Too

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When the book "Think Like A Man , Act Like A Lady" first hit shelves I was a bit dubious about the contents and the author but when presented with a chance to read it, I did. It wasn't terrible. A far cry from "The Rules" of yesteryear.  And then it was turned into a movie and my eyebrows pretty much disappeared into my hairline for all the questions I had. But then I saw the movie and I kind of loved it. It was funny, endearing and in many ways quite relateable. So when I heard they were making a sequel I was definitely intrigued. And then I was offered the chance to attend a press event with Terrence J and Jerry Ferrera to which I quickly agreed. I mean, let's be honest, both of them are pretty easy on the eyes so it wasn't exactly a sacrifice on my part.

In conjucntion with Papi brand underwear and as part of Macy's 'American Icons' summer events I was able to meet and grab a photo with the two stars at the Macy's Men's store in the Beverly Center.
The fellas were really personable and happily posed for all the fan photos even after the press had their turn shouting directions on which way to turn and in what light to stand.
A few of my fellow bloggers AlyssaJen and Dani , who I met that day, and I took the time to wait with other fans for our photo op. And once they found out about the promotion with Papi (make any purchase of $25 or more in Papi underwear and receive a movie certificate to see Think Like A Man Too ) Terrence J quickly whipped out his wallet and offered to pay for the next two fans purchases. I thought that was not only brilliant but also very kind as not everyone in line was able to make purchases at that moment.

In the highly anticipated sequel the couples are reunited in Vegas to celebrate an upcoming wedding and attempt to one up each other's bachelor / bachelorette shenganigans. Watch the trailer to see hilarity ensue.
Makes me want to go Vegas with our friends now!

When it was my turn for a photo of course I hammed it up because when else am I going to get a chance to kick it with Terrence and Jerry? I mean, you gotta make every moment count right? So I was determined to do that. From what I've seen of the movie it's going to be pretty funny and I am going to try my hardest to get a date with my husband and go see it. A lot of my favorite female actors (Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good,Gabrielle Union etc.) are in it and the man candy is pretty prevalent (Michael Ealy, Romany Malco) on this as well so it's a win/ win in my opinion.

Tell me, will you be seeing "Think Like A Man Too"? 


  1. Lovely! I've been debating this film! I just might watch it. (: Lovely blog. Looking forward to more.

    ♥ | | xoxo


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