Snacking Smarter

*I was received Sally's Smart almonds to review and was compensated for this post but all opinions and thoughts herein are mine.

I'm a huge snacker. I don't think that it's much of a surprise that my family is all about food and we all LOVE to snack. In fact, sometimes, snacks trump lunch. And dinner.
But lately I've been trying to get us to snack smarter and healthier. We love Cheez-Its and all things crunch related but it can be hard finding things we all like to eat that taste good and are still good for us.
Enter Sally's Smart flavored almond snacks. We were offered the opportunity to try out four types of their flavored almonds: Key Lime+ Jalepeno, Lemon, Orange Ginger and Raspberry Viniagrette
I was excited as I've recently gotten into almonds and love them in a good salad but hadn't really tried them all on their own.
When the box arrived we wasted no time in breaking into them and took the opportunity to try out each flavor on it's own. Even the super picky Sweet Pea tried them. That ladies and gentleman was a magical moment. She's not a fan of nuts so I was surprised she was into it.

The lemon almonds were really interesting and I thought they were pretty tasty and managed to get a little creative and incorporate them into homemade trail mixes which I  but I still liked them on their own. What really made me excited was that these were all ingredients I could pronounce and verified through the NON GMO Project.

The raspberry vinaigrette made an awesome addition to my salads. Mixed with baby greens , goat cheese and dried cranberries they added a little extra zing and a much needed crunch factor that I love, without the crouton carb factor. I think these were my favorites out of the bunch.

When we tried the orange ginger I wasn't prepared for the full on burst of flavor that happened. I was cooking and my husband handed me one to taste and I just happily accepted. Talk about a flavor explosion! The ginger is both subtle and bright while the orange is just light enough to not be overpowering. I'm already thinking up ways I can incorporate these into dinner as well as just have them for snacks.

Sadly we were not fans of the keylime jalapeno flavor. I like spice and I like a good mix of jalapeno on most things but for some reason these just didn't do it for me. However, we had friends over last weekend and that was their favorite flavor! Just goes to show everyone's taste buds are different!

All in all these are definitely something I would recommend to anyone who likes almonds and is looking for healthier snack alternatives. They offer a great crunch factor and the flavor profiles are tantalizing to say the least. The fact that these almonds are infused with flavor and there's no residue that will rub off on your hands just makes them an ideal on the go type snack. But as I stated above, there are also plenty of ways to incorporate them into everyday dishes as well.

Thanks Sally's Smart for the opportunity to expose my family to a fun new healthy option!


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