All The Feels

In less than 3 days my Sweet Pea will step foot on the playground at her longtime elementary school for the last time. Decked out in wedges and not high top sneakers she and the rest of her classmates will be polished and poised for their promotion into the 7th grade. Like many a mom, I'm a puddle of mixed emotions. I am so proud of her and all her many accomplishments over the past year. This has truly become a year of growth and expansion for her and it makes my heart burst when I think about how far out of her shell she has come in the last few months.
Sixth grade got off to a fabulous start and then took a turn for the unexpected when her BFF (and our morning carpool) announced they would be moving across the country come December.
My Sweet Pea can be quite shy and she had put time into cultivating this friendship and was quite comfortable in it. Her world was rocked.  That didn't stop them from racking up the memories though and they had a good go of it and maximized their time until the very last day.

This year also had her going away to overnight Science Camp for four days. I'm not sure who was more nervous; her father and I or her, but we prayed on it and let her go. And she thrived.  She tried new things She was responsible and managed to bring back everything she went with and had a ball. She literally stepped off the bus a different kid and I was blown away how much she changed in the four days she was away from us.

While we still struggled with last minute projects and forgetting to show us paperwork that needed to be turned in, this was a good year for us. We all sort of grew together. D and I learned that we had to step back a little bit and let her mess up and not get the great grade in order to see how she needed to change things and she began to realize we were not going to always be able to help her with projects and the like.  She learned independence from not only us but her friends as well as more and more she is asserting her personality into her everyday actions and owning her spunk. I love that. As much as I was dreading this age it's been really fun to watch her grow and just become who she is. Words will never be able to express the pride I feel when I watch her interact with her friends and be this fun young woman we brought into this world so many years ago.

And now, we come to another huge change. She's moving on to Jr. High but because we moved, she'll be attending a different school unlike most of her current class. We've tried to reassure her that it will be a great opportunity to start over and re-invent herself but she's still nervous. And to be honest, so am I. Junior High brings on a whole new set of emotions and concerns but I think after weathering this past year we are ready to face them head on.

But first we will enjoy this summer and make the most of our time off while we wrap our heads around the fact that our baby is really and truly growing up. We love who she is becoming and are excited about this next chapter in our parenting adventures. But if you see me sniffling and wearing dark glasses please understand I'm semi-mourning the end of my SweetPea's 'childhood' while celebrating her official entry into the world of "tweendom".
Also to be noted- I will be missing my "drop off happy hour" i.e. the chat fest I get to have with the other mom's as we wait for the kids to get out of school. I've come to look forward to my afternoons with them and am sad they are coming to an end. I've loved really getting to know them over the past few years and have no idea what I'm going to do in Currently feeling all the feels right now. All of them.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Why is this my first time seeing her on your blog?!?!? I need more of her!

  2. ....and that is fine. I am feeling all of the feels now that my daughter will be going to Pre K this year. I can't believe how fast the time flew.

    That picture of y'all under the tree is beautiful. That needs to be on the wall!

  3. She's beautiful and I know she'll flourish!


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