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Think Like A Man Too

*I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post about Macy's and Think Like A Man Too. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

When the book "Think Like A Man , Act Like A Lady" first hit shelves I was a bit dubious about the contents and the author but when presented with a chance to read it, I did. It wasn't terrible. A far cry from "The Rules" of yesteryear.  And then it was turned into a movie and my eyebrows pretty much disappeared into my hairline for all the questions I had. But then I saw the movie and I kind of loved it. It was funny, endearing and in many ways quite relateable. So when I heard they were making a sequel I was definitely intrigued. And then I was offered the chance to attend a press event with Terrence J and Jerry Ferrera to which I quickly agreed. I mean, let's be honest, both of them are pretty easy on the eyes so it wasn't exactly a sacrifice …

Style Post: In Living Color

I've made no secret about my love for a good shift dress. It makes my life so much easier during the warm summer months and recently I've been stepping more and more out of my all black everything comfort zone and playing with bold colors. It felt weird at first but I'm really loving having more color options in my closet! Not to mention it makes it kind of fun to get dressed knowing I only need to think about my footwear.

So for SweetPea's graduation I figured a bright bold dress would be a distraction from the tears streaming down my face. I ordered the dress online and having never actually purchased anything from ZARA before I was hesitant about the sizing and was just praying it fit. I was also praying that it came on time as her graduation was on a Thursday and  her dress was in there too! They finally arrived in store the Tuesday morning before. Whew!
You can see her dress in a post later this week. But trust me when I say it was A-DORABLE.

But back to my dress…

What To Pack: 5 Days in NYC

Y'all, I'm so excited to be attending my first Blogging While Brown conference in a few weeks. Like over the moon , jump up and down excited. Not only do I get to network with other bloggers of color and learn more about this industry of mine, I get to go someplace by myself that isn't a Target or grocery store run. Yeah. I'm pumped!
I also get to spend some much needed quality time with three of my best friends. Two of which I haven't seen in a few years since I've been pregnant and quit the 9-5. They all live on the East Coast and I obviously don't get out that way much be we do try to squeeze in time when they come here to visit family but the last few times have just been super hectic so I'm very excited to be able to spend some one on one time with my ladies.
Of course, this means packing as much as we can into the 2.5 free days I'm not conferencing and this calls for some SERIOUS packing skills wardrobe wise. See, I don't really want to ch…

Going Green

All of you Instagram friends will know that I scored a FABULOUS dress from H&M about a month ago that literally stopped me dead in my tracks. It's pretty much a dupe of this maxi stunner from Line & Dot that I discovered last year but was totally out of budget at the time. And then I wandered into H&M and stumbled across this stunner and knew I had to make it mine. I put it on hold and went back the next day to try it on and purchase and I have to say, it's one of my better impulse buys. I know it will be worn for awhile and love that I can take it from casual to dressy with jewelry and shoes.

We celebrated the marriage of one of my SIL's this past weekend and since I knew we would be in my Father-in-law's backyard I figured flat sandals were my best option. Particularly since I would be chasing around one tiny ninja. I had my photographer take some photos when we first arrived and then discovered that they didn't even come out thanks to some wonky set…

All The Feels

In less than 3 days my Sweet Pea will step foot on the playground at her longtime elementary school for the last time. Decked out in wedges and not high top sneakers she and the rest of her classmates will be polished and poised for their promotion into the 7th grade. Like many a mom, I'm a puddle of mixed emotions. I am so proud of her and all her many accomplishments over the past year. This has truly become a year of growth and expansion for her and it makes my heart burst when I think about how far out of her shell she has come in the last few months.
Sixth grade got off to a fabulous start and then took a turn for the unexpected when her BFF (and our morning carpool) announced they would be moving across the country come December.
My Sweet Pea can be quite shy and she had put time into cultivating this friendship and was quite comfortable in it. Her world was rocked.  That didn't stop them from racking up the memories though and they had a good go of it and maximized the…

Snacking Smarter

*I was received Sally's Smart almonds to review and was compensated for this post but all opinions and thoughts herein are mine.

I'm a huge snacker. I don't think that it's much of a surprise that my family is all about food and we all LOVE to snack. In fact, sometimes, snacks trump lunch. And dinner.
But lately I've been trying to get us to snack smarter and healthier. We love Cheez-Its and all things crunch related but it can be hard finding things we all like to eat that taste good and are still good for us.
Enter Sally's Smart flavored almond snacks. We were offered the opportunity to try out four types of their flavored almonds: Key Lime+ Jalepeno, Lemon, Orange Ginger and Raspberry Viniagrette
I was excited as I've recently gotten into almonds and love them in a good salad but hadn't really tried them all on their own.
When the box arrived we wasted no time in breaking into them and took the opportunity to try out each flavor on it's own. Even…