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I have a serious shoe fetish and I'm not afraid to admit. It all began years ago when my god-sister worked for Charles David and had access to the most fabulous shoes my teenage eyes had ever come across. It helped she had a hefty discount and I scored my first pairs of pricey shoes under her tutelage. Over the years my shoe lust has yet to be satiated as every season there are new styles that catch my eye and I spend hours imagining how + when I would wear them. Some are completely impractical for my everyday life and way out of my meager budget but I do love to look at them. Shoes are kind of my thing because they're the perfect accent to any outfit. They can elevate a look that otherwise screams casual but with the addition of some killer strappy sandals the whole outfit goes from drab to fab! And that is pretty much my whole style in a nutshell. With that in mind I thought I'd share some of my summer shoe lust.
Randomly, they're all from either ASOS or Zara or completely out of my price range but lovely to look at none the less.
Summer Shoe Lust

Summer Shoe Lust by carpools2cocktails featuring real leather shoes

1) I don't even know where to begin with these beauties. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across them but once I did I was in love. They come in black as well but the brown ones just speak to my soul. 
2) I've never owned dainty pink shoes like these but I love how they look! They would be perfect for an outdoor garden wedding or a midi skirt and tee for a lady like pairing.
3) Once upon a time I owned blue shoes but the heel was too high and the quality not the best so I had to let them go. I would happily take these as a replacement.
4) Hello lover! MUST.OWN. THESE. STAT. Like for real. How awesome are they? Such statement makers in a bold hue, easily slipped on and off (hooray for no buckles) and for only $120!!
5) Snakeskin say what? The lace ties on these strappy numbers totally set them off and the black and white pattern is spot on.
6) Turquoise tie ups are so hot for summer. Another kick ass shoe for an evening wedding or just a night on the town these stunners are sure to stand out. I created a whole outfit using them here.
7) Color of the year and with fringe to boot. These sassy little numbers are for sure on my birthday wish list and I would be over the moon if someone thought to get them for me. Otherwise I'll just be saving my pennies and hope they're available in my size by the time I scrape my coins together.
8) Who doesn't want fabulous golden shoes? I had a pair years ago but they hurt my feet and I had to finally part ways with them as it pained me to even think about wearing them. Thanks to a lower heel and a sturdier arch these seem like they would be a great replacement.

What's on YOUR Spring / Summer shoe list?

You can shop the set below:


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