A Place To Create: C2C Headquarters

So we've been in this house about 3 months and the decorating is pretty much complete minus the gallery wall in the den (because that would require me to commit to an arrangement and photos). The only place that has no current style or character is my barren office space. I was so excited to design a space that was ME and allowed the creative juices to flow but 3 months later the only thing we've done is painted all the walls white and hang a few frames.

My original plan was to get some temporary easy change wall paper a la Oh Happy Day blog in a bold black + white graphic print but I am somewhat terrified of the hanging process and then the style I wanted wasn't exactly available. So I put it off. While happily continuing my inspirational pursuit via Pinterest and the like. Last week, I was rolling through Target and discovered that they not only had  paint but temp wall paper as well!  And it comes in a shiny black chevron that made my heart sing. Say whaat!?
Needless to say I my interest was piqued. I posted it on Instagram (as per usual) and everyone else was interested too. That got my wheels turning about using the black and white chevron on the wall behind my desk. But then that left me with some blank space on the remaining walls.

I also saw a photo on Made By Girl's blog (it belong's to photographer So Shay) that had GOLD chevron stripes but she painted hers and since we're renting.....that isn't really practical for me. Also - I have no desire to measure out the proper space between each stripe. But I LOVED the idea. So began my search for gold chevron. I found it but it's a bit pricey and I'm not certain I really want to shell out those kinda duckets for this particular project.
My second thought was to do the black chevron on the main wall and then add gold polka dot decals from Urban Walls on the remaining walls as seen on Taylor Made blog below. I kind of love the black white and gold color scheme and that it's simple but still stylish. It also allows me to add in any other accent color I choose which is great for a color commitment-phobe like me and because at some point I'd like to add a futon of some kind.. It also means I can still get the leopard drawer pulls for my desk without a major color clash.

So now I'm at an impasse - do I go with the less expensive black and white and opt for gold polka dots? Or try the gold paper and leave the rest blank maybe adding black polka dots later? Or just do a killer

Thoughts? Suggestions? Help a sista out!


  1. I think the gold stripes are beautiful. I've resorted to announcing that our extra room which once looked like a den is our storage room. We need an extra room for just that.


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