Embracing The Classics With DVF

The weekend before last I took Sweet Pea to the Diane von Furstenberg 'Journey Of A Dress' exhibitition at LACMA. I've been wanting to go for weeks but didn't really have anyone to go with and things kept coming up that were hindering me from getting where I wanted to be. Since the exhibit is only open until May 1st which was a weekday I knew I had to get there immediately.
And I figured what better way to introduce my fashion loving daughter to a design icon than through a fabulous exhibit on the history of her career.  It seemed like a win/ win to me.

Of  course I had to decide on what to wear and the weather has been uber fickle as of late so I was a bit torn. I ended up going with my favorite jumpsuit because it just felt right even if I was having 'hair issues'. The girl was rocking her own 12 year old style and was ,as it turned out, perfectly coordinated for the location.

My mother introduced me to DVF many years ago with the purchase of my very own wrap dress. It was black and white and at first glance I wasn't impressed. But then I put it on and loved how I looked as well as the compliments I received. From then on, it was my dress of choice for any and all occasions. And when I read the description of the Journey Of A Dress by Holly Brubach, I got it in more ways than one.

The whole experiencing was both exciting and educational. There was a hallway with photos of famous images of the iconic wrap dress as worn by both the designer in early ads and celebrities the world over. It was equally fabulous to be able to share this once in a lifetime experience with my girl. She loves fashion and is constantly stating how she hopes to get into design one day in some form so I try to expose her to as many different mediums as possible.

I thought she'd maybe be a little bored as some of the experience wasn't super 'hands on' but she found it quite interesting and delighted to learn that Diane was a real life princess, once upon a time.
The exhibition was stunning in both layout and visual design with floor and wall patterns mimicking those from the dresses. It was exciting to see how the dress has changed but also stayed the same since it's birth in the late 70's.
I loved that they clearly marked the year the design was created below each mannequin and you could see the progression of style through the decades. Who knew there were so many variations of black and white for one style dress?


We both had our favorites and it was fun to walk around and get her opinion what she liked and why. I urged her to go beyond the usual 'that's cute and that's pretty." To explain to me why she liked what she did and how the dresses made her feel and it was nice to just dialogue with her uninterrupted for a few hours. We also took some fun selfie's and she took her own photos of images she thought were cool around the space. I love seeing how her mind works and am intrigued by what she finds interesting.

While I'm thrilled we were able to catch the exhibit before it closed I'm a bit sad it won't be around longer so others can see it as well. Hopefully it will be something that travels to other cities and other fashion lovers and DVF admirers can get a chance to be a part of such a magical experience.

Were you ever an owner of the iconic wrap dress?

*this is not a sponsored post, I just really wanted to see the exhibit and share my experience.


  1. I LOVE D V F! All of the dresses I have of hers are still in style! Your daughter is beautiful!


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