Derby Day : Hats Off To The Horses!

D and I were invited by Americas Best Racing to attend their Derby Day at Santa Anita Park

The fastest two minutes in sports history happened this past Saturday and I had the pleasure of participating in the excitement with a bunch of other race enthusiasts. My new  blogger friend Melissa Dell introduced me to the people at Americas Best Racing and they invited us to attend Derby Day at Santa Anita Race Track. I mentioned last week that I was in search of a fabulous headpiece to set off my outfit and I lucked up finding the one I had my heart set on at Nordstrom right next to the race track! Go figure. Even better was the dress I ordered from ASOS arrived a few days before and whole look came together with ease. Getting dressed up on a Saturday afternoon was a nice change in routine.

Dress - ASOS / Fascinator Hat - Nordstrom / Necklace - H&M (similar) / Bracelets- Stella & Dot + H&M / Clutch SUSU 

D and I were really excited about a day date at the races as neither of us have ever experienced the excitement live. The lovely people with Americas Best Racing rolled out the red carpet and gave us the royal treatment with lunch in one of the clubhouses and a great view of the track!

I couldn't get over the variety of characters in one space and had a great time people watching. There was some serious hat happenings and major fashion (both questionable and cute) going on Saturday.

I'm not a gambler by any means, unless you count online shopping because at that I'm a pro. But this was totally different. I didn't do any research prior to attending the race so I didn't even know who the favorite for the derby was. D spent a little time reading the race booklet and weighing his decisions whereas I was much more capricious about it. I glanced over the horses for each race and just picked on whim. The first race we were able to bet on I chose a horse but lost my husband as he was off in search of an ATM (I told you novices we were, pros bring cash in hand) and by the time he came back the race had started but my horse won!

From then on I was on a roll and managed to pick 2 more winners including the winner of the Kentucky Derby , California Chrome!!  Sadly, D didn't win anything on his bets and I wish I'd made a bet with him to see who would be the overall winner of the day but I hate to lose so there goes that. I do have to say that I have some experience picking winners as one of my teenage BFF's had a dad who liked to place the occasional bet and I have memories of him waking us up on Saturday mornings to get our picks for each race. I was usually on the money. He liked me.

If you follow me on Insta you know I also tried my first ever mint julep! Melissa and I were both keen to taste one so we ventured through the park to another party and ended up chatting with some gentlemen who'd just won big on the derby and were more than excited to help us on our mission. After we snapped our obligatory photos we took a sip and exchanged glances over our beverage as we quickly determined they were not for us. We took them back to our table where our husbands were happy to polish them off.
D and I loved sitting with Melissa and her husband Jon as they were funny and interesting. She and I talked shop and motherhood while the guys talked about ......something? Not sure but I know my man was happy to have someone other than me to chat with who was down to earth. We also loved meeting Jose from Americas Best Racing and we learned quite a bit from him about racing, betting and the behind the scenes life of a racing family.

It was all very interesting and a huge switch from what we normally do. At this stage in our relationship we're trying to sneak in dates when and where we can and we've committed to trying new things as a couple so this was a real treat for us.
Also - D is convinced I'm a betting genius and is thusly ready to go back in two weeks for the Preakness! I wouldn't mind that because ...... shoes! Ha!
Thank you Jose for such a fun and fabulous experience and thank you Melissa for reaching out and being so much fun!

Have you ever been to the race track? 


  1. I love it! Yes I suppose we'll stick to the drinks we know and love. But at least we tried it!!!


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