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In The Rearview: May + Happy Hour

Man, this month has gone by fast! How is that it feels like it just began and here we are wrapping things up? I kept feeling like I had more time and now it seems like it's just slipping away and things that were appeared to be so far away are indeed here. Case in point, my Sweet Pea is graduating next week. Graduating. As in going into Junior High. I'm kind of all into my feelings about it. It feels like it's been only a few minutes since she was starting kindergarten and now.....she's a young woman. I literally can't even. And then there's my 35th birthday looming on the horizon. I love my birthday and am excited for it as always but it's been such a crazy last few months I haven't even planned to do anything! That's totally not like me but I guess that's just the season I'm in right now.

On the flip side, I've been writing a lot lately. Both here and over on MommyNoire. Some of the stuff for here has yet to make an appearance but it w…

35th Birthday Wishlist

I'm just two weeks shy of my 35th birthday and I couldn't be more excited. In case you've missed it in previous years, I'm not one of those people that shuns/mourns their birthday. I get REALLY excited about it. Like I'm 16 and expecting to wake up to a car with an enormous red bow in the driveway excited. Not that that's ever happened, but I'm still hoping!
Because it's basically my job to find cool things for folks to buy I perpetually have a running list of things that I want personally but sometimes I end up getting them on my own because I'm impatient and can't wait until the next birthday or holiday. The downside is that because I have this list on the internet, I always seem to forget when people ask what I want. I just shrug and say "I don't know" when realistically.....I KNOW!! I mean, I do this for a living! However, since we've reached the two week mark I thought I 'd take a minute to create a visual of what'…

And Still I Rise

Today is a sad day for American culture as we lost one of our gemstones - Dr. Maya Angelou. A poet, a writer, activist, mother and speaker of our stories Dr. Angelou was a constant force within our ever changing cultural landscape. She was my first introduction into poetry as my mother gave "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" when I was in my early teens. My grandmother was also quite fond of her work and alternated between quoting her and the Bible. Both were to be taken equally seriously.
She was a mentor of sorts for a burgeoning writer like myself and spoke to my soul in a way I never thought possible. She taught me that imperfection is beauty and that although people may doubt me and my journey , I could still rise above it. To a young woman who struggled with her self-esteem that was everything.

I read everything I could by her and was moved to begin my own foray into the world of poetry and prose. Between her, Zora Neale Hurston , Nikki Giovanni and Dorothy West I was …

Holiday Weekend Style

Happy Memorial Day y'all! It's a long weekend and I couldn't be more excited for the warm weather, relaxed attitude and time spent with family. It's kind of nice to not have too many concrete plans and just be able to putter around the house and be still. But I also enjoy a good BBQ with the famdamily and having company or visiting friends is always a good reason to get dressed. I'm a huge believer in being comfortable while relaxin with our crew so my go to outfit of choice is generally cutoffs but I also like to be cute and not just rock them with a simple tee or tank all the time. Depending on the occasion I've been known to get a lil jazzy and style them with everything from heels and jewels to kicks and a snap back. But for this pairing I decided to share other options.
As the weather continues to warm up this is going to be my go to outfit of choice so it goes without saying that I need to work all my options. 

Cutoff's 3 ways by carpools2cocktails feat…

A Place To Create: C2C Headquarters

So we've been in this house about 3 months and the decorating is pretty much complete minus the gallery wall in the den (because that would require me to commit to an arrangement and photos). The only place that has no current style or character is my barren office space. I was so excited to design a space that was ME and allowed the creative juices to flow but 3 months later the only thing we've done is painted all the walls white and hang a few frames.

My original plan was to get some temporary easy change wall paper a la Oh Happy Day blog in a bold black + white graphic print but I am somewhat terrified of the hanging process and then the style I wanted wasn't exactly available. So I put it off. While happily continuing my inspirational pursuit via Pinterest and the like. Last week, I was rolling through Target and discovered that they not only had  paint but temp wall paper as well!  And it comes in a shiny black chevron that made my heart sing. Say whaat!?
Needless to…

Daily Style: Bright Stripes Big Sunnies

It's been a while since I've done a daily style post. Our schedule has been crazy and I haven't really had time to squeeze in outfit photos which is a shame because some them have been super cute.
Last week I shared some of my May purchases and I'm finally getting around to rocking a few of them!
I love a good striped shirt and was beyond excited when I discovered this one and couldn't wait to wear it. But then it was hot as Hades and I pretty much just wanted to wear nothing so it had to wait.

Then on Tuesday I woke up to a toddler who thought 4:30 was a good time to start his day, overcast skies and I had no idea what I was going to wear but knew I needed some color to get me through the day. I threw on some casual pants and a tee for morning drop off and then had a light bulb moment on the drive back home: 'Today is striped shirt day'. But I didn't want to be predictable with my usual gladiator sandals and since I'm OBSESSED with these flats a…