Drop It Like A Squat / Fitness Challenge

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a photo with the caption "you wanna do this?" and the image was for a 30 day squat challenge. We follow each other on Pinterest so she sees I'm pinning things to my Work It Out board (even if I'm not actively doing them) and knows how I'm obsessed with getting a Beyonce booty so it made total sense she would send it to me.
My initial reaction was "Oh HELL no!! I have no desire to do that!" And then I looked at the cupcake in my hand (my fourth one that day) and realized, if I keep eating like this my shorts aren't going to fit. Forget about getting in a bathing suit. And y'all know I love me some bathing suits!
So pushing all negative sarcasm aside I agreed to begin April 1st. Makes sense we would start a challenge like this on April Fool's Day no? Had to be some kind of sick joke to agree to eventually get up to 250 squats in one day in the span of 30 days.

But now, we're at the halfway point and I'm kind of loving it. Sure doing 70 squats and then walking around in heels for 2.5 hours at the Lucky FABB brunch wasn't the best idea but I kind of love that I'm committing to a workout of sorts and am sticking to it. Having an accountability partner helps a ton. I can always blow off or half ass a workout on my own but when I have someone I have to check in with, well that sort of makes me want to stick with it more.
And I have. And so has she and now we want to do another one next month. We may be in over our heads because everyday each of us is like "Gahh my legs!" But we're starting to see a change, albeit small, in our physique's. The booty is popping a little more and the
I turn 35 in about 8 weeks and I just want to feel good about the way I look. Don't get me wrong, I'm not overweight by any means but I've slacking on my fitness routine. After losing the baby weight I got a bit complacent with my workouts and was doing them sporadically and only when I really felt the need for the stress release I get when I workout. I forgot how much it feeds my spirit and my soul.
So with that being said, we started looking at what else we could challenge ourselves with for next month. And there are a LOT of  challenges out there! But we finally settled on focusing on abs this time and we're just hoping we can stick with it!

Both of these are pretty serious and we'll see which one we end up going with but I'm excited to see if we can stick to it. I like the idea of doing both abs & legs but I know the plank one will have killer results as well. Of course, it's all fun and games in the beginning and then three days in one of us is going "why did I let you talk me into this?" But then we'll see some fabulous item we just have to have that shows off the legs or emphasizes our waist and then it's like, "well clearly I need to stick to it." 
Also - french fries. And cupcakes. And margaritas. So yeah, that's motivation too.
But I don't want to leave YOU out  - so won't you join in this challenge with me? I'd love to get a group together so we can all be accountable and encourage each other. That's the only way we'll survive!

So......What do you say? Who's up for a challenge?


  1. Ah I think I'll skip the challenge but commend you for doing it.


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