Getting Sensitive

*I was not paid for this post though I did receive products to try. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own. 

I've said before how important skincare is to me and I have no problem switching up my routine as the seasons change as well as trying new products as I am introduced to them. In fact, I am somewhat of a product junkie. But that usually goes for my face and not my body. The one thing that has been a constant in my bathroom is the presence of Dove. I am a Dove girl tried and true. It's one of those products I started using as a kid and because I never had a reaction (hello sensitive skin) and it's always treated me well, so I stuck with it.
I was so disappointed when they discontinued their facial skincare several years back. Their Energy Glow face cream was EVERYTHING and gave me the most amazing sun kissed glow. But that never stopped me from using their body wash and deodorant. In fact, their deodorant is one of the only ones that doesn't make me itch or break my skin out. Particularly if used after I shave.
And you can bet your bottom dollar that when they launched their Men + Care I was quick to scoop some up for the Mister. He used to use some awful brand that dried his skin out and left it irritated and blotchy. Now, not so much.

Our whole family has sensitive skin. All four of us have experienced breakouts due to lotions and the like so this is why we stick with Dove. I know it's going to keep us moisturized and not have any adverse reactions. Some people are shocked I don't use "baby wash" on Baby Ninja but I know what works so I stick with that. So when they reached out to me to try out their new Creme Mousse body wash I happily agreed. I was pleasantly surprised when they also sent Body Bar's and their Deep Moisture Body Wash for the rest of the family.

The extreme weather changes have begun to dry out my skin and throw in the need to shave my legs and it can get pretty brutal underneath my pants. So you can imagine my excitement when presented with the opportunity to try out an all new body wash made specifically for sensitive skin like mine. The creme formula is amazing, super rich with a fabulous lather that was ideal for shaving. I didn't even use any other shaving creme! Just lathered up my pouf and that was it! My legs were so smooth afterwards I almost didn't want to put on pants!

According to Dove; this new body wash contains the highest concentration of their trademark NutriumMoisture which replenishes your skin with nutrients lost during shaving for a soft smooth feel. The hypoallergenic formula is unlike any other and the mild fragrance is both soothing and refreshing. I have to agree 100%. I absolutely love this body wash. I also love knowing that it will work just as well on my daughter's very sensitive skin and look forward to having her try it out and see the difference it makes on her as well! 

It's creamy texture is great for the upcoming season which will require more shaving (suns out, legs out!) and best of all, there were no irritating shaving bumps right after! Whoo hoo! Talk about a win!
They've got me really looking forward to shaving my legs over the next few months and not suffering with irritated skin (nobody wants that when you have to get into a chlorinated pool) AND having silky smooth legs I want to show off!

Thank you Dove for creating a product for us sensitive skinned folks!

Are you a fan of the Dove brand? If so, what's your favorite Dove product?


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