The Golden Age

Flowers are blooming, sun is shining, weather is warming up and it's officially spring! That means it's time to bare those stems that have been hiding under long pants all winter! I for one am thrilled that it's finally time for "suns out, legs out" weather. I love the warmer weather and am quick to show off my gams with a skirt or shorts. In the last few years my love of shorts has grown greatly but my love of skirts will never be abated.

Golden Age by carpools2cocktails 

Being that my 35th birthday is coming up I have been scouting ideas for outfits like crazy. Never mind that I don't have any solid plans and the fact that my Sweet Pea graduating 6th 4 days prior will have me a hot weepy mess. A woman like me needs to plan things out. And because I like to shop online and at particular 'fast fashion' stores things I love tend to sell out fast. 
Case in point - both of these metallic numbers are from H&M which we all know is one of my favorite go to's for ....well, everything. Particularly as of late. Something about their spring + Summer collection just speaks to me. Anywho - I love both skirts and totally wouldn't be opposed to having them both but alas the wrap skirt is only available online and is currently sold out. Cue sad face. 
Of course now I feel like I have to have it, simply because it's not currently available. Lame. 
But I'm loving this metallic moment I seem to be having and pairing either skirt with a bold hued shoe seems like just the proper thing to do. It screams summer to me and because 35 feels like somewhat of a milestone I think I need to make a statement no matter what I do. 
The simple v-neck tee keeps things casual yet chic paired back to the simple jewelry and bold heels while the graphic CALI tee + cork clutch combo is a bit more playful. 
Can't even front. I'm a tad obsessed with both looks and I don't know how I could choose which makes me want to celebrate all month long! Or wear one look for a birthday dinner and another for our anniversary? Maybe? No real plans for that yet either. Clearly I need to get my calendar together. 
Here's to hoping I get lucky and the wrap skirt becomes available sooner rather than later but if not, well I guess owning just one metallic mini will have to do.

What have you got your eye on this month?

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