What To Wear: A Day At The Races

On Friday I found out I was invited to attend Derby Day at the Santa Anita Race track here in So Cal this Saturday in honor of the 140th "Greatest Two Minutes In Sports". I've never even been to a track and the only horse race I've seen was in the movie 'Secretariat' (which I love by the way), so I was overjoyed when I got the invitation. Immediately thoughts of hitting it big by choosing the right horse filled my mind. I mean, who doesn't want to bet on a winner? I don't really gamble (unless we're talking about shoes) so it will be very hard for me to part with my money but I'm excited to fully experience all the day has to offer.
After thoughts of winning subsided my next thought was; "What ever am I going to wear?" and "I need an amazing hat of some kind!" So I went online and began to research places to shop and see what folks have worn in the past. Because I'm a bit of a style junkie I know the fashion is all the rage at the derby and even though I won't be attending the actual race in Kentucky I plan on doing my best to look the part. But still keep it West Coast because that's how I roll.

A Day At The Races

I posted this dress on Instagram the other day and finally bit the bullet and placed an order so it should be here in time. (hopefully) But I also have a Plan B that I'll be sharing later today. While I love the idea of a great big hat with feathers and the like, I also really like the concept and simplicity of a fascinator. Because the top part of me will be so busy I'd like to keep the dress a little more simple and glam it up with jewels and fabulous footwear. Although I don't know how practical strappy sandals are at a race track but, I'll be up in a box so I should be fine right? Let's hope so.
Of course a bold lip ups the classic glam factor and always makes me feel sophisticated so that will for sure be happening. But at the moment I can't decide if I want to wear nude or black sandals.
I plan on hitting up the stores today to decide on a chapeau and I think that will pull things together for me. And then I have to figure out what Mr. C2C is going to wear. But that's a whole other can of worms.

So which look do you think will be the final choice? Right or Left?

Shop the set below!


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