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When I'm not cruising the racks of my local Nordstrom Rack or perusing the online wares of ASOS, you can find me wandering the aisles of HomeGoods and IKEA for design inspiration.
I've spent a lot of time working on honing my personal style in my closet but not as much when it comes to home decor. Partly because we are renting and our digs have been cool but temporary. We enjoyed living in our previous two homes but they never really felt like "ours". When D and I first moved in together we were in our 20's with no real sense of how to decorate and not much money. Most of our furniture was a hodge podge of what we each brought from our previous dwellings and I sort of worked with what we had and tried to brighten it up with no real feel for what I was doing.
Fast forward a few years to when I had my very first solo apartment and it was all girly all the time. Purple + pink as far as the eye could see with touches of blue and green for good measure.
IKEA was my go to for inexpensive furniture and knick knacks (it helped there was one 10 minutes from my job and I could go on my lunch break) and while I knew what I liked, I didn't know how it could all work unless it was perfectly coordinated. I had no concept on how to mix my tastes with what was already set up and to keep it fresh and kind of funky.

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Then the other day I took yet another quiz, but this time it was about my decorating style on HomeGoods and I got Sassy with a bit of Urban Funk. And when I looked at the photos of some possible items I might like to incorporate I couldn't help but nod my head. They got me.
While that's all fine and well, it's not just me I'm decorating for. I have to think about the people I live with. My husband is pretty matchy matchy when it comes to clothing and is just now starting to step out of the box and wear brown with black among other things. (you would think he wasn't married to a style blogger jeez) and my girl is down for whatever. Particularly if it has sparkles. And then the tiny tornado, well he's a tornado so we need things to be able to be cleaned easily and functional. But I still want an element of fun and glamour but not over the top.  It should be warm and inviting but fabulous in it's own right. I want people to come over and feel like they can kick off their shoes and not stress about not sitting on the sofa and messing up my pillows. It's a home, not a museum.
I took the plunge and ordered a fabulous new rug from and was super nervous as I had no idea what it would look like in person. The last time we bought a rug was over 6 years ago and I have been on the hunt for 'just the right one' ever since. It had to be soft and luxe but I desperately wanted some color to brighten up the room and make our fun pillows pop even more.
Then while perusing Pinterest I came across some really cool IKEA hacks for bookshelves and a coffee table for the living room that I just have to make happen.
the hunted interior

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So while it's a bit of a process / struggle trying to quiet some of my own desires while incorporating the wants and needs of the other people that live here, I'm having a lot of fun with it all.
I have it in my mind how I want our home to look and I am desperately grateful to have begun pinning ideas long before we ever planned to move or knew where we would live. The putting it all together will take time I know and I'm okay with that. I'm sure I'll change my mind several times and then change it again, or something that works in the beginning may need to be altered as our needs change but that's the beauty of it all. Similar to personal style, home decor evolves all the same and I'm learning so much about our style as a couple and a family of four as I go.
Of course my impatient nature wants it all done yesterday but I know that my indecisive nature makes it just as difficult to find a happy medium between what I want and what's practical. Thank goodness I'm not on a time schedule or anything.

And not to worry all you nosy posies, a full post with photos of the new place will be up before the end of the month. I've just got to clear out these boxes so you can get the full feel of the place!

So tell me, what's your home decorating style and how long does it take you to decide on pieces?


  1. It's hard to find a happy medium in my house as well because I like a classic style of decor but my husband likes modern design. I know exactly what you mean by waiting until the perfect time, where you can have the perfect furniture, and the perfect house.... I stopped that when I realized kids will never keep the place as clean as you would like it, plus you can find awesome pieces on Craigslist! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your new place :-)

  2. Ikea is great for inspiration and cheap decor. I wouldnt go forth and design a million dollar house with ikea decorations. I do think they have the best design teams in the home improvement/decoration industry.


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