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When we talk about fashion and style I feel like the two get interchanged a lot when they are actually quite different. Fashion is what comes down the runway and is sold in stores. Style is something much more personal all together. It's how you put the fashion together that gives it style. And I have said several times, I am not a "fashion blogger" per se. I'm more about showcasing my personal style. The growth and the process I go through when picking pieces/outfits and how they fit into my current season of life.
It only took me about 32 years to really discover and then hone my own personal style and I have Pinterest to thank for much of that. Sure, I've always known what I liked and what I was drawn to, but ever since the discovery of Pinterest (and therein Polyvore) I finally have a compilation of style muses who personify those likes. When scrolling through my boards I can see how far I've come and the evolution of my personal tastes as my involvement with Pinterest has grown.  Working in the fashion industry also helped quite a bit. In the beginning it was definitely more Cali chic, laid back type of ensembles and now you can see the addition of the implied edginess that I am inexplicably drawn to. The black, the leopard print, the graphic tees, red lips and luxe faux furs. The studded shoes and leather leggings. Skinny jeans and stilettos. But not in a dark, moody way. Still California cool with a bit of a boho twist but there is definitely a rocker chic vibe happening as well.
My celebrity style muses have definitely been inspirations as most of them are mama's too and I love how they manage to balance being ultra cool, feminine and chic while still being "mom".

l-r:  gwen stefani / rachel zoe / jessica alba / nicole richie

I realize that most of these woman have unlimited funds + stylists/personal shoppers and can afford all the latest trends and I'm on a shoe string budget but that does nothing to kill my crushes on their sartorial sensations. It's all about the inspiration right? I find that I can relate to them being a mom on the go while still wanting to be stylish but not overly styled. I don't mind being the most dressed up person in the room but sometimes you gotta play it a little cool right? These ladies have that down pat. They can go from super glam to casual mom in an instant and have no problem rocking both their Louboutins and their Tory Burch flats in the span of a few hours. Thus is the life of a mama. 

l-r : tia mowry hardict / rachel zoe / nicole richie / jessica alba / kourtney kardashian /june ambrose

Their effortlessly cool style reflects my tastes and aspirations as a 30 something mother of two. Having a tween also keeps me on my toes to dress in a more stylish manner (while not being a slave to each new trend) and not get stuck in a rut of jeans and a tee or (shudder) sweatsuits and running shoes. Not to knock those who do, but even in my suburban life, I desire a bit more glam on a daily basis and you'll often find me in ripped jeans, a tee and loads of jewelry on my weekly Target run.
My style aesthetic may not be that of most women my age(SAHM or otherwise) but I like that it's different. It's very much me and I like to dress in a way that expresses my mood. As Rachel Zoe so eloquently put it " Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" and I think just from a glance at my 'daily style posts' you get a good idea of who I am.

l-r: june ambrose / kourtney kardashian/ nicole richie/ gwen stefani 

These women's personal "street style" (as in non red carpet) speaks to me and I find that by having these images around I have a better grasp on what may work in real life and what is just "celeb style" and how I can emulate these aesthetics in my own life. It's actually been really fun to go through my closet while scrolling Pinterest and determining what I should keep and what needs to be let go of. For a pack rat like me it makes the purging process a lot easier.

So I want to hear from you! Who are some of your style muses and where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you look to celebs like me or are you more interested in fashion / personal style bloggers for daily inspiration?

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  1. Uh, you are totes one of my style muses. Where I live, it wouldn't necessarily be appropriate to wear some of the "wilder" pieces (we aren't as fashion forward here, I must admit), but you always inspire me to step outside of the box and try new things (hello, red lip!). With that said, I probably have no personal style BUT I love to be inspired :) (and if you see my style laying around, feel free to send it home ha!)


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