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I've been kind of a bad bad personal style blogger as of late. I haven't posted a legit daily style outfit post in weeks and it's not because I haven't been getting dressed. I have. In fact I've kind of loved my outfits as of late, but I am knee deep in the 'find a place to live in 30 days' drama and it's kind of affecting my shooting schedule. So I thought I'd do a small recap of some of my favorite OOTD's from Instagram. Because you know #instagramatemyblog and all that.
Being a mama to an incredibly active toddler boy is a horse of a different color and getting dressed each day can be a challenge. Not the actual choice to get dressed because that's happening. But the whole what do I wear dilemma. I have to consider things like the weather, activities, errands and his tendency to throw food when he's over it. Thankfully he does most of the major throwing at dinner.
My friend posted last Friday about this similar dilemma and as I was reading I was all nodding in agreement because it can be quite difficult to decipher your daily fit when a toddler is in tow.
It's also been on my mind even more ever since I started doing morning drop off for Sweet Pea and get to see what all the other moms are wearing at 8am versus what they look like at 3pm (entertaining let me just tell ya) I even told my husband the other day as he commented on my outfit "you know I change about 2-3 times before you get home right"? And not just because of BabyNinja either, I'm a hot mess when it comes to eating so if there is a way that I can spill on my ensemble, it's bound to happen. Because I am gifted when it comes to that kind of stuff.
stripes/boyfriends/leopard - need I say more?
But over the past year of mothering this tiny tornado, getting my personal style ish together and figuring out my writing schedule, I think I'm getting the hang of this dressing game.

casual edge for errands - graphic tee / boyfriend jeans / ankle boots and a little sparkle

For instance, we go to My Gym once a week in the morning so I try to make it a point to wear comfy clothes so I can try to squeeze in a work out as he takes an AWESOME nap afterwards. However, most days I'm up and dressed at the same time as my husband and SweetPea. I still put on makeup and do my hair but maybe not as much unless we are going to run errands straight after drop off and I might run into someone I know.

out and about with the kiddos - statement necklace/ skinnies/ ankle boots and an oversized top 

Having a working wardrobe has definitely helped the what to wear dilemma but some days I still struggle and have days where I have no idea what to wear and literally change clothes 4 times before I find something I'm "okay" with but there's usually a deeper issue there (pms anyone?) and sometimes I get in a rut and wear the same jeans for 4 days but at least I feel like I look cute so that means something right?

OTK boots / faux fur vest/ polka dots / skinnies make for a polished look 

So, I'm curious as to how everyone else is doing in the daily dressing department. Particularly if you work from home or are a stay at home mom. Do you find it hard to put on something other than pj's or sweatpants (especially if the weather is yucky)? Do you plan your outfits for the week or take it day by day? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Loving all of your looks... So comfy and so chic! ~Good luck w/ finding a place.


  2. Yes, you're looking ubber cute my dear! I'm absolutely in love with your #2, #3, and #4 look...guess that's pretty much all of them! I don't even work from home any longer and I find it nearly impossible to get out of my jammies (which are now a hoodie and sweatpants because of our ridiculous weather). You know how terrible I am at photographing my outfits etc., I've got to schedule a skype consultation with you! I've made a few purchases over the past weeks and I definitely need to start planning my outfits or at the very least organizing them. BTW, in answer to your question I do not plan my outfits by the week....WHO DOES THAT and WHY???? On any given day my mood can totally change and the outfit I thought would look spectacular on Sunday night after my cocktail before the carpools, looks putrid Monday morning in the path of the brilliantly golden beam of sunlight peeking through my blinds. I try to thoughtfully plan my outfit in my head the night before, "Ok chica, tomorrow it's going to be 17 degrees...about we pull our those pink thermos they'll go great with 3 other layers of clothes you'll have to put on." But, I never get into I going about this thing all wrong? LOL!


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