Mommy Chic Monday: Black , White & Red All Over

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a private tasting event for the new BevMo store opening in Riverside (more details to come later this week) and I was scrambling on what to wear.
It also happened to be Baby Ninja's 2nd birthday so I was a bit of a mess and it was a short day and my hair is out of control and in great need of a trip to the salon. So you can imagine my fluster as I pored over my closet in hopes that something would jump out at me. Jeans were kind of a given but what to wear on top and what to do with my hair??? Oh the unnecessary stress I create when styling my looks.

Two days prior I had made a trip to my local Nordstrom Rack and scored a fabulous pair of pants and while there I had spied a few great dressy/casual tops that I knew would be just perfect paired with some torn denim. Not too fussy but still stylish enough for a happy hour event. Also, because I knew I would be in the car for at least 45 minutes I didn't want anything that would wrinkle too much.

denim: Joe's Jeans / Top: Soprano/ Heels: BCBGeneration / Necklace: Stella & Dot 

Enter this great black and white graphic print top by Soprano. They had several others in a variety of solid colors and at least two other prints but I am a sucker for black and white. I knew I would be getting a lot of wear out of this top and that it would work perfectly with my ripped Joe's. Paired with my BCBGeneration laser cut heels, a crazy topknot, a blinging statement necklace and a red lip and I had a complete look in under 30 minutes. Winning!

 I have to admit, I've been rocking a red lip whenever I go "out" lately (and by out I mean anyplace without my kids) as it sort of pulls my whole look together and I don't have to do a lot, makeup wise. This works particularly well when I'm frazzled (as I have been lately) or just don't have the time to put layers of eye shadow and what not on. I also think it ups my sass factor so I am a bit more confident than usual. The topknot is just something I've recently mastered and has been saving my life these last few days. Packing up our house is a huge undertaking and spending time trying to get my hair to lay just right is not a luxury I have right now.

And these jeans? They are pretty much perfection. Super soft, great fit and torn in all the right places. Another Nordstrom Rack find that I've worn no less than 3 times in a week. They go with everything and I kind of want another pair. Still debating on getting them hemmed just a touch but for now they work just fine.

Have you found anything in your shopping adventures you're loving lately? How do you pull it together when you're in a hurry?


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