Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dining Room Dilemma

While I'm still in full OCD packing mode I've been making time for flights of fancy (mostly while I should be packing) and am trying to plan the layout of our furniture. Our new space is full of good light and inspiring design ideas so I've had no problem turning to my Pinterest boards for inspiration and literal translations of what's going on in my head and I'm really excited about all the possibilities.
There is so much that can be done but I know in my heart where I want to start (everywhere) and that is with the dining room. I have so much trouble with this space.

About a year or so ago we inherited the dining set from my parents house and I was over the moon about it. It's older than I am and sturdy (my two year-old is no match for this construction) with great details. But I despise the color. Ever since we obtained it I've dreamed of painting it a glossy black so it's more "nuetral" and then doing some fabulous fabric for the seat cushions but I wanted to wait until we were in a new space so I would really be inspired. And now here we are and I am stuck. I still have designs on painting it but at the moment I'm torn between painting the whole set black, just the table with pops of color on the chairs or doing the chairs black and then having a pop of color with the table. 

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

My god sister pointed out that it would be easier to do the table in a bright color once rather than have to paint six chairs if I wanted to change it up later on. I am inclined to agree. I love these options with the white table.

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

This of course means I would have to choose said color and then see if I can get my husband to agree to said change. Or I can just stick with my original idea and do it all black and leave the color to the seat cushions and other elements (table cloths/runners/napkins etc).
Gah! Decisions, decisions!
Usually my vision for a room is so clear that it's not even a question about what to do but I'm really having a hard time with this one. Since I haven't really had time to soak in the space it's really frustrating to come to terms with the fact that I can't make a solid decision right now.

Pinned to my Dining Room board on Carpl2Cocktail

 So here's where you come in friends. Below are a few options that I'm interested in and you can tell me what you think. I appreciate any and all feedback so let your honest opinions fly.
There will be tons more decor themed posts in the future as that's where my main focus is right now but not to worry. I'm also going to be chatting about some fab finds that I've run across in my recent shopping excursions.

So what say you good people? Black table  + colored chairs? All black everything? Colored table + black chairs? Weigh in already!

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