Breaking In The New BevMo!

We all know that I like my cocktails (if you don't check the blog name yo'). In the last few years I have gotten more interested in wine as it's not as hard hitting as say a margarita and because of that growing interest I have attended The L.A. Wine Festival two years in a row which has only helped to increase my growing palate. So while I feel like I know what I like and what I don't, I don't always understand why I like certain wines when paired with particular foods or why I like them less by themselves.
Enter BevMo! In honor of their 151st store grand opening in Riverside last week I was invited to attend a private tasting with their Cellar Master ; Wilfred Wong along with several other bloggers.
I was more than jazzed as I love to learn more about what I'm drinking and I've been day dreaming about hosting a wine tasting once we get settled into the new digs.

the tablescape

Wilfred is a gem , he has been in the business for over 40 years and is responsible for managing the wine rating system at BevMo! He's also been to France over 20 times, and as an avid photographer his work has shown up on Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr, so I was equally impressed with that.

Wilfred Wong dropping knowledge on us novices

What I learned: Aside from getting to try wines that are normally not on my radar (or in my price range) I discovered that BevMo! has so much more to offer! Aside from being one of the largest specialty beverage retailers in the United States ,they offer a specialized service for wedding's (or any large gathering) where they'll have you come to the store, listen to what your bar desires are, set up a private tasting of wines and the like just. for. you. AND if the order is over $500 they'll deliver it your venue for free!! AND they'll chill what needs to be chilled! How sweet is that? I'm already mentally planning our next soiree and hoping to be able to utilize this feature sometime in the near future.

yes to all the wine

They are also home of the 5 cent wine sale where you can buy one bottle of wine and get the second bottle for just 5 cents. With over 200 bottles to choose from there is sure to be one to suit everyone's palate! And the 5 cent sale is not just a once or twice a year thing, it's onging. Sure they have a major promotion several times a year but if you enter any BevMo! store you're likely to find wines eligible for the same promotion year round! Yes y'all, YEAR ROUND. Whoo hoo! You better believe I picked up a bottle to celebrate our move this weekend. Also, did you know that if you buy a bottle of wine (or anything for that matter) and it's a bit "corked" (i.e. tastes or smells funny) you can return the bottle and they will happily swap it out for you? This makes me excited as I know this happened on more than one occasion and resulted in us just pouring out the wine. No bueno.

mini bottles perfect for gift baskets!
I must admit it's been awhile since I stepped inside of a BevMo! and I was both overwhelmed at the many selections but excited about the helpful staff who was on hand to assist in my selections.  I can honestly say that I will be shopping there more often and as luck would have it, our local store will be less than a mile from our new house! Can you say housewarming party?

so many varieties of beer!

Stay tuned next week for pairing info how to taste wine like a pro and what my thoughts were on the wines we tried.
But in the meantime let me know: Have you checked out your local BevMo! recently? How did you feel about it?


  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for coming to the event. It was so great meting you! - Kris @BevMo!


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