Work It Wednesday // Sequins Are Always A Good Idea

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about discovering sequin "sweatpants" from Lulu's and if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my obsession with sequin pants grow exponentially in the last month. And even though the holidays bring out the reason to don sequins at every given opportunity, I realized that I had been missing them in my everyday wardrobe. I began to seriously question myself for a minute (how had I NOT owned sequin pants prior to discovering the "sweats"?) and then I remembered how they can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful. Factor in life with a toddler who is decidedly excited by all things shiny and would want to touch them it made sense I hadn't seen them as a priority.

But the sweatpants lit a fire in me and I was on a low key quest to find just the right pair. Not too sequin-y as to be mistaken for a disco ball or anything that looked cheap.  I kept debating the "sweatpants", I knew they wouldn't arrive in time for New Year's but there was the possibility I could wear them to TCFTurns 5 and that got me excited. I showed them to one of my bestie's who's known for her honesty and she said "No." Quickly and without feeling. She's good like that. Crushed, I relented on those pants but still quietly searched for something , anything , else. And then it happened, while scrolling my Instagram feed I came across a photo from The Oxford Trunk and decided to take a minute to peruse their site.
Low and behold there they were, the perfect pair of black sequin leggings under $40. It was like the heavens opened up and I could hear angels singing. I quickly tried to add them to my cart but the S/M was sold out. What?! No!! How could this be?
I posted them and their cheetah print cousins to IG and folks were all hand claps and hell yeahs and I KNEW I had to make them mine. Luckily for me, my friend Heather of River & Bridge handled their graphic design and knows the owners personally. I emailed her to find out about sizing and she was kind enough to reach out the Jess and see what she said. Less than two hours later I had an answer that the M/L wasn't a huge sizing difference and before the day was done they were purchased and I was a anticipating their arrival.

Immediately I had some buyers remorse (what if they didn't fit? what if they didn't arrive in time?) as New Year's was a middle of the week holiday and I had no idea how long it would take them to process my order. Thank God they are local and my shipment was processed quickly and they arrived on Friday before the party. I may or may not have danced a little happy jig at the mailbox upon seeing the package. Soon after I walked in the door I slipped them on and held my breath. They fit! Oh thank you Jesus! I was some kind of happy let me tell you!
I had just the look in mind for the party and knew that all I needed to complete my ensemble was a graphic tee I'd seen at Forever 21 earlier in the week. Top it off with a red lip and my favorite Stella & Dot jewels and I just knew I would kill it. I even lucked up on a pair of shoes the evening of the party that were almost identical to a +$300 pair I had pinned months earlier. They just upped the ante.

When I put the whole look together I had a moment of pause (who do I think I am? I am mother for pete's sake!) but then I realized I LOVED the look more than I doubted it and just rolled with it.
I'm so happy that I did. Sure, in the grand scheme of things I'm basically wearing leggings and a t-shirt but I felt phenomenal. Like I was Nicole Richie / Gwen Stefani / Rachel Zoe of some sort but you real life. It was just the thing I need to kick off the new year and sort of propel me in the direction of my goals and dreams.

I know, they're just leggings right? Surely a pair of pants couldn't have done all that could they? 
But they did. And maybe that's shallow that I allowed a pair of pants to boost my confidence and give me a little extra oomph and if that's how it comes across so be it. Things have been kind of dismal in the family department and I needed a pick me up for sure. These pants are the truth. And I'm already trying to find another time/ place to rock them.

Have you ever made a  purchase that's rocked your world the way the sequin leggings did mine? Tell me about it!

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  1. You look GREAT! Hunny - those are NOT just leggings... the are SEQUIN leggings;TOP NOTCH! And, those shoessss were a STEAL!


  2. I love the outfit. I need to add a vintage rocker tee to my wardrobe.


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