Work It Wednesday // Getting My Rear In Gear With Pop Physique

A few weeks before Christmas I came across a workout DVD at Target that got me excited. I'm perpetually on the hunt for new and exciting ways to challenge my body and get me "fitspired" so I was delighted to discover that Pop Physique had a DVD! I've been wanting to try this workout for some time. My friend Andrea goes to the studio in Seal Beach but that's over 30 minutes from my house as is the one in San Marino so until they open one on this side of the 57 freeway, I'll be working out at home.

For me, working out isn't about fitting some ideal standard of what my body should look like but maintaining a level of fitness that I have grown accustomed to. I worked very hard to lose the baby weight (because I could NOT afford a brand new wardrobe) and as such have tried to maintain where I was at. I'll be the first to admit I'm not as diligent as I could be. I see my friends post on Instagram about leg day and how they're hitting the gym first thing in the morning or going on a 3.5 mile run while I'm sitting on the couch eating cookies and drinking wine. I know I need to be eating better and taking the time out to work on my fitness (it does wonders for my psyche) and I'll be the first to admit that I can be pretty lazy about that kind of stuff so I'm trying to stay motivated. Enter the DVD. I bought it on a whim last week and it's been sitting on my TV stand ever since. I aim to try it out at least twice this week and then up to three times next week writing a full review on it by the end of the month. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in my physique. Personally I'm hoping for a tighter tush.

Another motivating factor? I walked into Target last week (to purchase said DVD) and was greeted by bathing suits. Yes. Bathing suits. In January. I know, it is California and we are experiencing 80 degree temps this week but dang, it was just the "eating season" i.e. the holidays and I did a pretty good job of packing away the delectable treats and the calorie laden drinks. Hence why I've been rocking leggings and the same couple pairs of jeans for the last month and a half. It's my 'winter weight' wardrobe.

Seeing all the cute suits just motivated me that much more to get my rear in gear and get my booty looking right. Being a member of the tiny tush club I do all I can to add some junk to my trunk and I'm hoping this well help. After a few weeks I plan to mix in a yoga workout and possibly something else but right now, it's all about getting it poppin'. 
Finding the time is really my main issue. Being home with Baby Ninja all day is kind of the equivalent of a cardio workout but I want to really focus on what I'm doing and get in tune with my body. The morning seems like the best option but sleep is such a hot commodity that I often talk myself out of getting up for the sake of "a few more minutes". I have got to get it together. I know I can do it as I was previously waking up at 4:30 postpartum to squeeze in my Jillian sessions so really I have no excuse. 
Don't talk about it, be about it right? So, yeah , let's get it poppin y'all!

Have you ever tried Pop Physique or another barre class? What's your workout motivation? 


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