In A Word // My View For 2014


I've always dug the beginning of a new year. I like the idea a fresh start and a clean slate. The ability to make things new if you will. There are always so many things to work on and get excited about. And this year is no exception.
I generally pick a word at the start of each year and that is kind of what I live by and in the past it's really worked well for me as a reminder to stay focused and what my focus is. This year is a bit different. No one word seems to fit. And I have SO many words running through my head it's hard to narrow it down. The themes for this year are varied yet similar and all resonate deeply with me.


I don't write or make resolutions unless it's about style but I have goals that I want to hit and this time I've broken them down for each month and into categories like Relationship, Family, Home, Work etc.  I'm excited about all the things to come both personally and professionally.

Good things come to those who hustle

I can feel the change in the air and the buzz of excitement that is permeating throughout my very being. It's kind of like pre-party or first day of school nerves. So much energy and excitement but no worry about expectations. I'm not putting pressure on myself to hit each and every goal in a certain time frame. I have to set goals for myself each month because it's easier to see things as they come and know what I should work on/towards but I know some things will take longer while others will come quickly and seemingly without even trying.

a happy life

I have big plans to keep up my hustle and remain focused on my purpose all while finding a way to serve and show love to those who need it. (see what I did there?)
I'm looking forward to pushing myself a bit and going beyond what has long been my 'comfort zone' in order to pursue my dreams and see where it takes me.
Bring it 2014. I am ready.

Do All Things With Love

Do you have a word or theme for the year? How do you decide what they are?


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