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Our lease is up pretty soon and that means we are currently house hunting. We've lived in our current home for the last 4 years and it's been wonderful but it feels like the time is right to move on. We've sort of out grown this space and since we love to entertain while allowing the kids to have their space it only makes sense. But house hunting is hard y'all. There is nothing like falling in love with a house and imagining how your family would fit / live in the space and then it not being "the one" (i.e. you don't get it for whatever reason). You day dream about decor and making a fresh start in this brand new space and obsess over your Pinterest boards and before you know it your imagination has run wild and you're mentally planning your first get together. It can get out of control. 
So while we continue the search and begin the process of low key packing up our current space (because I fully believe that if you just start to pack it will come) I thought I'd share some of what I've been obsessing over when I let my mind wander.
Last week during and afternoon cruise through HomeGoods I stumbled across some fabulous bedding for the "master suite". As usual I snapped a quick pic to share with D and he he dug it! This made me happy as we women know how hard it can be to get your decorating dreams to align with your spouses and vice versa. However, this cool blue and silver/grey set was the stuff of compromising dreams and that just kicked my bedroom fantasies into hyper drive. 
Thank goodness I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to our bedroom and after a quick scroll discovered most of what I had pinned fell into this color scheme! Winning! 
Bedroom Inspiration

The light grey wall color is oddly soothing and I'm pretty sure would be beneficial to allowing me to relax and get a good nights rest. I'm also convinced that when you love your bedroom you'll be inclined to spend more time in there which in turn could also lead to sexy time (tmi) and more sleep. I love that it's neutral enough to go with pretty much any color scheme I can dream up therefore not limiting my color palette. You'll also notice a common theme of mirrored accents in all the photos and I think that speaks to my desire to have a more sophisticated room. When we first moved in together and bought our bed we wanted something that worked with the space and I was going through my "dark" phase. Now I'm over it and stepping into the light and want our sleeping space to reflect that. I may regret the mirrored accents when I have to wipe the finger prints off of them but right now, I'm all about it!
My dream is to at some point get rid of our current bed frame and end up with a padded headboard (which I would like to DIY) and possibly just paint our current furniture lighter and change out the knobs for something a little more "upscale". But for now, I would settle for new sheets and a nice bedding set. And perhaps some fresh flowers. 

Sadly, when I went back to purchase the bedding set I placed on hold, and subsequently forgot about, it had already sold. So, now I am on a mission to find it in another store discover something similar and equally as awesome to fulfill my bedroom dreams. I have no problem travelling hither tither and yon for a great deal on bedding set.

Have you ever regretted not buying something for you home when you first saw it? Tell me in the comments!


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