Tied Neatly With a Bow // Sayonara 2013

What will this year be for you?

Whew. I don't know about y'all but I'm pooped. Like for reals. And not it in the 'wow the holidays were a whirlwind' kind of pooped but a "I could for real sleep for a full day and be totally okay" kind of tired.
These last few weeks have taken a toll on me both physically and emotionally and I am spent. These last few weeks have seen the end of my mother's chemotherapy and my father's hospitalization. Both of which have taken a lot out of my brother and I. I've never been so happy to have a year end and push my hopes toward the start of something new and fresh.
This last year has seen many changes. Both on the blog, personally, professionally and stylistically.
I made the leap into re-branding this site and have found that I am definitely on the right track. From Carpools to Cocktails is truly where I am in this season of life and I love being 'that mom' and letting other moms know it's perfectly acceptable to have a liquid lunch and giggle with your girlfriends.
As I stated in the beginning of the year, I was resolved to hone my personal style and try a few new things as well as pare down the wardrobe and hone that ever elusive wardrobe that screams "effortless style". What I've learned is that all it requires to achieve that ideal are pieces that work well together and can be mixed and matched over and over to create new ensembles. A kick ass red lipstick, statement necklaces and decent shoes.
I attended two blogging conferences and made countless connections. Some more valuable and long term than others. I've grown as a mother and a writer. I've put my heart and my life out for public consumption and at times I've gotten my feelings hurt but at other times I've gotten the greatest feedback and support in knowing I'm not alone in my struggles and my crazy. I stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to approach those I looked up to and found that they were willing and courteous. Kind and more thoughtful than I had hoped. I met other bloggers from around the country and found we were more alike than not. I discovered "my tribe" and have been blessed by their knowledge, willingness to support + share and their ridiculous sense of humor.
At home I've worked on balancing the joys of motherhood and being a SAHM while pursuing my own dreams and taking care of my family. I've worked at getting us to a place of better health and eating and while we have a long way to go, I've seen such amazing changes I have no doubt next year will be even better health wise. This year we sent Sweet Pea off to camp for 4 days and she came back a changed young lady and I am floored by her growth. She is changing right before our eyes and it is (mostly) a joy to experience. Baby Ninja turned 1 and became more and more independent with each passing month. In a few short weeks he will be two and everyday he melts my heart even more.
D and I made us a priority this year as well. We spent much of 2012 in survival mode as we were recovering from the birth of a Ninja and now....well let's just say we've found our footing on this slippery slope. For the moment at least. We had several date nights and date days and managed to squeeze in a few mid-week movie nights at home as well. I am so grateful for this man and am beyond blessed to be called his wife.
This year my brother has been back home more times than ever and while it wasn't always for the most positive occasions our bond has grown and been strengthened in so many ways. I love watching him with his niece and nephew and it makes my heart happy when he is here. Ours has been a growing relationship and I love this place we are currently in.
Some of my friendships have changed and others have stayed the same. But in all things there was growth. With all relationships there is an ebb and flow and the ones with my ladies are no different. We are all in various season's in our lives and I've loved watching them grow and blossom, even if it was from afar. Old wounds were healed and friendships were restored and allowed to flourish under the warmth of truth and understanding and that is what I will cherish about 2013.
Sure I could complain about all the things that went / I did wrong but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a bad year. The last two weeks have been trying but I've gained strength from my trials, courage and trust in not just myself but my family and friends and I've learned when I need to step back and let others help. For me that is saying a lot so I will take that with me as we head into this new adventure.
Yes, I am done with 2013. I'm not sad that it's over but I am happy to see the dawn of a new day tomorrow.
New Year

I'll be back the first week in January as I'm going to spend the rest of this time off with my family.

I want to take a minute and say thank you to all of YOU! You've helped make this little space what it is today and I am fully appreciative of all your comments, suggestions and shares!!

Happy New Year to you all!!!


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