Sassy Slumber Party

Last week I shared a look I'm leaning towards for my own New Years Eve festivities and I thought it would be fun to share some options for alternative nights in. So, who's up for a slumber party? If my girls were all in town this is definitely something I'd love to do and might actually put into action as part of my 35th birthday celebration next year.
What a fun way to ring in the new year, a gaggle of girlfriends, buckets filled with champagne or your favorite adult beverage and plenty of music to rock out to until the ball drops at midnight! 

Sassy Slumber Party

 I could see myself wearing all of these pajamas and actually made my picks based on myself and a few  of my girlfriends personalities. 
1) Soft, cozy and casual but cheetah print on the leggings add some sass to an otherwise typical sleep set.
2) The classic sleep shirt gets sophisticated in pink satin. This is for the girl that doesn't necessarily want to be fully covered but also doesn't want to be flitting about in the cami set. 
3) My personal favorites and a Christmas gift from the Mister. I love the feel of the silky satin and the polka dot print is both classic and on trend. 
4) Because sometimes you just need a one piece when you sleep or when partying with friends. I love the stripes and simple black + gray color scheme.
5) These are all kinds of fun + sassy and we all have that one friend that would show up to a pajama party in something like this, or less. I love it for the colors and the pattern it just screams fun.
6) The epitome of pajama party wear. The black and gold is uber festive and kind of begs to be worn while ringing in the new year!

There are options for every style profile from fully covered up to all the way sassy with the Philip Lim for Target camisole set. This collection brings to mind so many sleepover scenes from all my favorite chick flicks that I'm thinking I  really must make this kind of event a reality in my life. Sooner, rather than later.

Would you wear any of these options for an NYE sleepover? Which is your favorite?

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  1. I did a slumber party a few years ago for my 30th and we had a ball. We didn't get fly though, short and t shirts were the uniform. I do need some new pajamas and some of these are definitely the move. Once again you are being a bad influence!!!


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