Mommy Chic Monday // Boyfriends + Red Lips + Leather Accents

There is something about wearing red lipstick that makes me feel more sassy than usual and definitely more pulled together. Paired with ripped jeans, leather accents and classic sunnies and I can feel my inner badass begin to rise to the surface.

I've been obsessed with these boyfriend jeans since I got them but can't really wear them for everyday "play" as I don't want the perfectly torn holes to get ruined so I always love a day when I can wear them while out and about. When SweetPea and I had our culinary adventure with Chef Wolfgang this past October I decided it was the perfect occasion to rock them.

Paired with a statement sweatshirt with the coolest leather shoulders and my studded ankle booties I felt like some kind of hip + stylish mama strollin through the mall with my girl. I have to admit it felt a little odd to be wearing such a bold lip in the middle of the day but once I got over the initial trepidation (they're all going to laugh at me!) I loved it.

I said it before that a bold lip can make an outfit and it's totally true. Red lipstick is a game changer. At least for me.

Top: Trouve // Jeans: AG denim // Boots: Sole Society (similar)

I can't think of a better way to make this ensemble pop other than with this bold lip. Ok, maybe a statment necklace would do the trick too. But, I can honestly say that my foray into the world of bold lipstick while slow and steady, has proven to be quite the confidence booster I've needed to really own my look.

It also takes the 'mom-i-form' to the next level. We all know that a pair of dark sunglasses can do wonders when you're tired and a red lip is the beauty equivalent. Even if you wear no other makeup, slash on a bright cherry red and suddenly you've brought your A game to the afternoon carpool. Whoomp there it is.

Are you a fan of the red lip trend? Have you found it to change your overall look?

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  1. I've been getting into bold lips as well. I have a dark brownish red lipstick from Black Radiance that I like as well as a matte purple from Haviic Cosmetics. I LOVE the purple and I where it any chance It get. I haven't invested in a true red as yet though.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Yassss!!!


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