Deck The Halls With Minted + Julep

Now that the weather has finally caught up with the season we are in full on Holiday mode. The tree is up, decorations are out and we've all caught the Holiday spirit. This is absolutely my favorite time of year (next to my birthday) as I love all the parties, twinkle lights and general excuse to wear and use sparkles on any and everything.
There are so many great sites out there that offer tips on decorating and entertaining and the lovely folks at Minted asked if I wouldn't mind sharing some of my favorite content from their blog Julep. I happily agreed. I love the concept of Minted : a premier marketplace for unique and independent designs by exceptional artists and designers from all over the world. Currently Minted designers represent 43 countries. They are both professionals with degrees in design and freelance artists. It's amazing to see the creativity of these men and women, many with full time jobs who might not otherwise have their work seen by the masses, and how it all comes together in one magnificent marketplace.
They also have a blog Julep, that showcases plenty of DIY & Design inspiration for the home, weddings and parties of all kinds. And y'all know I love a good DIY.
Because we're all about kid friendly craft projects this time of year I fell in love with these super cute and easy DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees.
It seems like the perfect thing to keep my toddler busy and give him a tree of his own to decorate and destroy as he sees fit! My daughter also loved the idea of painting her tree (hot pink naturally) and then adding her own fun stickers to it to "make it her own" and I am more than happy to oblige.


from Julep:
  • Start by cutting down your cardboard into two equal sized tall triangles. Then cut a slit half way down the top of one and then half way from the bottom of the other.
  • Interlock the triangles, placing the triangle with the slit on the bottom over the triangle with the slit on the top. Slide them down until they made a self-standing tree shape.
  • Using a circle punch, punch out a bunch of multi-colored circles for decoration.
  • Apply the circles using adhesive (or you can get circle stickers that stick right on).
  • Repeat for as many Christmas trees as you like!

With plenty of cold and rainy days on the horizon this activity is sure to be a hit with kiddos of all ages.
I may even organize a craft date with some friends so we can do this with all our littles!

Have you ever checked out Minted? If not, head on over and give them a gander! They have great options for your holiday cards (if you're like me and haven't quite gotten around to getting them printed yet) AND the Julep blog is chock full of great tips and ideas for all seasons!

*Disclosure: this is a sponsored post from Minted and while I was compensated for this post all ideas and opinions are my own.


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