That Time I Got Worked At The Barre

I've been slacking in the fitness department as of late so when I came across a deal a few months ago for a new Xtend Barre Studio not too far from my house I was intrigued. However, I failed to pull the trigger since none of my girlfriends had heard of it or were as interested as I was to check it out and I was too chicken to go by myself so I missed out. Dumb. But I still had it in my mind as something I'd like to try. Then in a fit of 'needing to grab the bull by the horns' and get out of my dark slump I did some research and discovered this particular studio offered a free trial class. Great! Now I all had to do was get somebody to tag along. I posted the studio's link on my FB and asked if anyone was interested in going with. Lucky for me, one lovely lady did. My new friend Lynette (one of the mom's from school) was all about it. She's a former dancer so she was into the idea of working it out with a ballet barre. I've heard such great things about this kind of workout so I was super pumped. And I've danced, cheered and high jumped so I was like "I got this".  Little did I know what was in store.

We planned to work out in the morning on a Thursday (Halloween) and both rationalized it was a great way to justify all the candy we were going to score from our kids later that evening. I mean that's the point right? We got to the studio bright and early with smiles and mascara + eyeliner (cuz I am NOT leaving the house without it) and were ready to go.
Our instructor Rebecca was super nice and quite upbeat but not overly perky the way some instructors can be. She asked if we had any old injuries she should know about , told us what equipment to grab, and then launched right into the class. Fifteen minutes later Lynette looked like she wanted to kill me and I was starting to realize 55 minutes was a REALLY long time.
I have done some rigorous workouts. I mean - Jillian Michaels kicked my postpartum ass all up and down my living room but the Barre class? Good gravy.

We began with a warm up and launched full into resistance exercise's using only our body weight and light hand weights (1/2/3 lbs). I chose the 2lbs because hey, I've done Jillian with 3lbs and survived. Minutes later I was regretting my choice. I used muscles I'd forgotten I even had and stretched others I hadn't used in awhile.
We used the weights, the barre , the mat and a small ball for a full body workout. I mean head to toe.
By the end of the class both Lynette and I thought our legs were going to fall off but the two 60 year old's in front of us made us feel the need to finish. She had to run out and get back to school for room parties so I was left to stretch it out on my own.

My legs were wobbling as I walked out to the car and it took everything I had to make it up the stairs to change Baby Ninja once I got home but I couldn't shake unmistakable high that comes with working out. Granted I was dragging ass by 3pm and even fell asleep while the Tiny Tornado played Lego's and watched a movie (not to worry the Sweet Pea was home in case he got cranky) but I was happy I had tried something new.  Even if my legs hated me. At 6am the next morning when I got up to pee I wanted to cry when I tried to sit down but no pain no gain 'eh?

Overall I liked the workout and am would love to do it again. Maybe Santa will bring me a class bundle for Christmas.
I realized how much I missed working out and taking the time to really do something for me. Sure I see my girlfriends on occasion and we all know shopping is my usual cardio but I generally have one of the kids with me at all times so it was nice to escape "mom life" for a bit and just focus on the workout. And since I've never really worked out in a gym (I don't really like to sweat in front of strangers) this was for sure a new experience and one I think I can repeat. Just not more than once a week. My body would hate me.

Thanks Lynette for braving the barre with me! I hope it wasn't too terrible and we can still be friends after this!

Have you ever taken a barre class? How did you like it? If not, what's your go to workout of choice?


  1. i LOVE xtend. and this is a fabulous post :)

    hope to see you at the barre some day!


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