My Fall Crush Is Faux Real Luxe

With the weather finally looking like it's turning a corner, the time changing so it's dark much earlier and  fall slowly fading making way for winter, it's no wonder I've got lush faux fur and gorgeous baubles on the brain. It's not exactly a secret I've been obsessed with faux fur everything lately. Follow me on Instagram,you'll see first hand how it's gotten out of control in the last few weeks and seems to follow me wherever I go. I dreamed about it, talked about it
(is it really practical for my lifestyle +  so cal ?) and then I made the mistake of trying something on and it was like hook line and sinker. Even the ones I wasn't in love with, I kinda dug.
I blame my late night obsession/nemesis: Pinterest. There is definitely a recurring theme in the majority of my style Pins as of late and that's gotten me on a low key quest to acquire a few of the items. Most looks consist of basics pieces with a subtle edge, some kind of added sparkle and good shoes but that makes sense for my everyday 'mom life'.

Fall Crush

As I mentioned last week I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist and am therefore quite obsessed with fabulous jewelry. For real obsessed. I've been rocking these jewels day and night since they arrived on my door step. These accessories are everything. No really. It's amazing how they've changed how I look at my wardrobe. They've stepped my casual chic + lazy cute game up a few notches and I'm convinced the addition of faux fur will send it into the stratosphere. I kid. Not really. 
Sure I live in So Cal and it generally doesn't warrant any kind of "real" winter jacket most days, but for some reason I dig the idea with looking like some kind of  boho chic mafia wife in the suburbs of So Cal. #housewifethuglife The struggle is real. Maybe reading Rachel Zoe is also having an affect, who knows. Either way I can't get enough of leopard, faux fur everything and tons of jewelry.

* The first look has actually been brought to life as I wore a similar outfit for date night this past weekend. And it was totally husband approved. The faux leather leggings and show stopping Phoenix necklace combined with the luxe vest is just the right amount of bling and sophistication while the delicate On The Mark chain and Nancy studs keep it soft. Of course I had to add a little funk with the spiked booties but they're just fun and it was date night!

* I've been channeling my inner rocker mom chic and this look is definitely something I would wear to the farmers/flea market and shopping/ lunching with the kids or friends. It's functional thanks to the jeans and chucks but the studs on the shoes, and the statement necklace give it both edge and elegance. And because you never know how the weather may wreak havoc on you hair, a hat is always a good idea.

* Oh the leopard coat. How I long for thee. I just know it would take things to the next level and I vow to make it mine. The Allegra necklace , Renegade bracelet and Gilded Arrow ring keep things polished with the torn denim and over the knee boots suggest a hint of badass-ery (totally made that up). I would wear this everywhere.

Notice there is not a single long sleeved top in this collection. That's pretty much because I don't own any and generally just layer if necessary.

Fall Crush by carpools2cocktails 

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