Instant Fashion: What #OOTD Posts Have Taught Me About My Style

Words of Wisdom. Way of Life.

It could be said that I spend an inordinate amount of  time thinking about my outfits and taking pictures of myself. My friends and family know that if there is a full length mirror in my general vicinity at some point they will find me standing in front of it, hitting various poses to 'get the full look'.
I've taken a photo of my outfit almost everyday for the last two and a half years. The first year I began I was relegated to using my trusty point + shoot camera in the wee morning hours before work for WIWW posts. I was far too shy to ask any of my co-workers to take my photos for fear they'd think I was vain or that I thought actually had some kind of style. Which, looking back was totally dumb, because hey, we ALL worked in fashion - if anyone would get it they would. But I digress.
The photos were horrible. Super dark and the mirrors were always smudged (note to self clean mirrors more often) but I could begin to see a pattern in what I wore.
A LOT of black. So I began to look to add more patterns and bright colors in when I could.
One of the cool things about taking photos nearly everyday is that you truly see how your style evolves over time and is influenced by trends and social obligations.
A few years ago I would have never even come up with the words to describe my 'style'. For me style was something that I had not yet managed to achieve. Sure I had some cute clothes but that was about it. I was pretty much wearing things the same way every. single. time. with one or two mix ups but there was no real imagination behind it.

Ralph Lauren

Attending FIDM really brought to my attention the massive differences in everyday style. From the fashion girls, to the design students to the beauty girls everyone rocked a different look and they OWNED it. We knew better than to show up to class in sweatpants and with greasy hair and no makeup, I mean, we were beauty girls after all - show some effort!
But even then I was still swayed by what I saw. I've always been one to like an outfit and figure out a way to re-create never really stopping to figure out if the look was really ME. But I tried it anyway. To me getting dressed on the daily is the ultimate game of 'dress-up' and with clothes I can be whoever it is I want to be.....that day.

When I first started at Hautelook I was super nervous about what to wear. Forget about if I could do the job ( I knew I could) how was I going to hold a candle to these young stylish girls when I was 'just a mom'. Lucky for me I ended up having a great team and within our department formed a "mafia" of sorts who then became my fashion/style council. Want new boots? Defer to them. Thinking of trying a trend? Ask the mafia. It was seriously a game changer for me. These women helped me to define my style into what it is today. And I had no idea it was happening. I was developing a style + brand that was all my own but I wouldn't realize that until two years later.

/\ /\ . Billy Baldwin

I've always been impressed with those super cool kids who seem to jsut know whats fly and make their outfits seem effortlessly cool. Take Ascot Friday, Sincerely Jules, or The Pink Peonies they all have very different signature sort of style and you know it when you see it.
I aim for the same type of thing. And it's kinda funny cuz with Instagram I have a few people who only know me from there and can pinpoint my style like nobody's business but years ago I had a hard time doing just that. Time is a funny thing huh?

"Graphic Tee Obsession" by ambs32 on Polyvore
this collection pretty much sums up my style to a T - good thing I made it!

Then came Pinterest and Polyvore and suddenly all the outfits I saw in my head could be a reality! Sort of. I mean I could pull the pieces I liked and create looks and it was ME. Even better still I could check to see what I had that matched and then go from there. In doing so I began to see a pattern develop. I realized that the Sole Society quiz I took back when it first launched classified me as "Feminine , Bohemian, Trendy" and for the most part that is very true. I tend to stick to my Cali girl roots and be very laid back with my dressing (bohemian)  and I'm definitely intrigued to see how I can rock the latest trends (hello faux leather leggings + studded everything....I love you) I would also argue that there is some edge in my look as well but I don't think I'm Rihanna or anything.

be yourself

Nope I'm just a mom, trying to make it from carpool to cocktails without too much fuss all while keeping my delusions of sartorial sensationalism's in line with my everyday mama style.

Has your style changed over the years? What were some of the factors leading up to that change? 

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  1. I completely hear you! Doing OOTD posts definitely helped me pay much closer attention to what I wear and how I put myself together. I don't do mine every day, because I work from home, and realistically, I'm just not getting dressed every day to sit at the computer 50 steps away from my bed. But when I do get dressed, having the visual feedback of those photos helps me figure out what worked and what didn't, what I'd try again and what I wouldn't, and which pieces will be lasting parts of my wardrobe.

    5 years ago, I wasn't even paying the slightest attention to what I wore. And it showed. I didn't want to be that girl any more, and blogging about what I'm wearing has helped give me accountability. Not to mention Pinterest has made it SO much easier to build an outfit around almost any piece in my existing wardrobe!

    Jennae from

  2. Girl, I'm still trying to learn my personal style. After having two babies back to back and then becoming this UBER BLOGGER, my style has definitely changed. I began to be more open to trying new things but I'm still tweaking things as I go a long.

    Great post dear!


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