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My Fall Crush Is Faux Real Luxe

With the weather finally looking like it's turning a corner, the time changing so it's dark much earlier and  fall slowly fading making way for winter, it's no wonder I've got lush faux fur and gorgeous baubles on the brain. It's not exactly a secret I've been obsessed with faux fur everything lately. Follow me on Instagram,you'll see first hand how it's gotten out of control in the last few weeks and seems to follow me wherever I go. I dreamed about it, talked about it
(is it really practical for my lifestyle +  so cal ?) and then I made the mistake of trying something on and it was like hook line and sinker. Even the ones I wasn't in love with, I kinda dug.
I blame my late night obsession/nemesis: Pinterest. There is definitely a recurring theme in the majority of my style Pins as of late and that's gotten me on a low key quest to acquire a few of the items. Most looks consist of basics pieces with a subtle edge, some kind of added sparkle and…

Style Me Friday // All Black Errythang

I almost didn't' participate in this week's challenge for Style Me Friday. Not for a lack of anything to wear because, let's just be honest, 80% of my closet is black. No, it was more like "It's still so bloody hot that I'm just not in the mood to sweat through a photo shoot." No matter how quick that shoot might be. But then while I was staring at my closet this morning trying to plan my look for the day, it hit me about what I could wear.

I quickly finished my hair and makeup, peeled Baby Ninja from around my ankles and recruited Sweet Pea to take some quick photos with my phone before she left for school. Yes folks, I used the camera on my phone. Necessity is the mother of invention and we were short on time. Sure I have a fancy Nikon D60 that I love and usually use for my 'style photos' but it was in the car, in the case and that was too man steps. Besides, I'm a CAU girl and we "find a way or make one" ya dig? So I did just …

She Who Hustles

For awhile now I've had my eye on branching out into the styling side of things. I love makeup/beauty and all things stylish and nothing brings me greater joy than helping a woman to discover her inner bad ass / haute mama through fashion or makeup. But I was hesitant to pursue it because hey, what the hell do I know right? And then I realized, well, maybe I do know a little something. I mean, hello, I write this here blog, worked for one of the top e-commerce sites and I seem to do okay in the shopping department. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had stepped up my basics by adding a fabulous necklace and how one of my sartorial goals was to bring jewelry back into my wardrobe. I've realized that's sort of what I've been missing the last few years to really pull a look together. Sure I would tell myself that 'less is more' but in reality, when you're rocking a wife beater and cut-offs sometimes all you need is some dope jewels to go from raggedy to fly. …

C2C Eats // Dinner Got Turnt Up!!

I love Fresh and Easy. This is no secret to anyone who knows me. I pretty much live in that store and am guaranteed to run into someone I know being that I go about 2-3 times a week. In fact I even made a new friend in the dairy section and spent the summer having play dates with our kids!
But I digress. I love that they provide fresh ingredients and affordable prices and have a wicked Rewards program that allows you to convert points into cash money! Holla!
It's also no secret that I love pizza. Particularly pepperoni pizza but a few years back I tried my hand at a Margherita Pizza and loved it. It's a great week night meal and it's so quick that I don't mind making it often! I then found PW's recipe for CPK's BBQ Chicken Pizza and thought.....why not?
The first time it was pretty good but I had a hard time rolling out the crust 'just right'. However, I kept at it and's pretty much perfection.

Now her, recipe calls for you to make your ow…

That Time I Got Worked At The Barre

I've been slacking in the fitness department as of late so when I came across a deal a few months ago for a new Xtend Barre Studio not too far from my house I was intrigued. However, I failed to pull the trigger since none of my girlfriends had heard of it or were as interested as I was to check it out and I was too chicken to go by myself so I missed out. Dumb. But I still had it in my mind as something I'd like to try. Then in a fit of 'needing to grab the bull by the horns' and get out of my dark slump I did some research and discovered this particular studio offered a free trial class. Great! Now I all had to do was get somebody to tag along. I posted the studio's link on my FB and asked if anyone was interested in going with. Lucky for me, one lovely lady did. My new friend Lynette (one of the mom's from school) was all about it. She's a former dancer so she was into the idea of working it out with a ballet barre. I've heard such great things about…

Links + Love + Libations // Stylist Edition

Happy Friday y'all ! We've made it through another week and it I have to say this week has been AWESOME. I've finally started to come out of my dark place and managed to pull off posting, getting dressed and being present all week long so that makes me happy. Things are definitely on the upswing and I can feel change in the air.

Monday I took the plunge and ignored all the doubting voices in my head and signed up to be aStella and Dot stylist. I have Melinda to thank for finally pushing me over the edge. She and several other friends have been nothing but encouraging and supportive and I can't wait to get started. I've already booked my first show and I don't even have samples yet! I'll have a full post up next week with all the behind the scenes details and also be hosting an online trunk show later in the month but you can check out my site here:

Tuesday I talked about how I've discovered my personal style t…

Style Me Friday // Leather Leggings Edition

I'm a huge fan of The Fashionista Next Door. She's a doll and I love that her style is so versatile and she's honest about how life sometimes get's in the way of blogging and photo taking.
The fact that she's from Cali but lives in the ATL is all kinds of awesome since that was my life for a bit as well. She always has a great link up every Friday and it's generally my intent to participate but we all know that the style posts have gotten away from me a bit now that my photog is back to her day job.
However, this week I happened to catch the style challenge early and because I already had an outfit planned around my faux leather leggings it seemed like it was just kismet.
Below is a collage she put together as  her inspiration for the challenge.  I love all the ways these ladies styled their leather. If you're not into the full on rocker chick look, coated denim is another way to go.  

I personally am a huge fan of leather pants. Real or faux, there's s…