Pink Thought Thursdays // Accessories are Everything

I've been reading Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty & Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe and  in it she says:

 " Accessories are everything. Because, even more than clothes accessories allow you to nurture your inner fashion chameleon."
Whoomp there it is.
How have I been missing this for so long? I used to wear the hell out of funky earrings and bracelets as a teenager but that all fell by the wayside as I got a bit older and it wasn't really 'in style' and even more so after having babies. Lately though I've been stepping up my accessory game. After reading countless blogs, magazines and viewing all the cute Instafashionista's I realized, that's what's really been missing from my wardrobe. That's what takes my jeans and a tee a pushes it over the edge from cute to amazing. Sure some kick ass shoes will work, but the jewelry, oh the jewelry, that's what truly sets it apart.

chunky gem statement necklace  pile it on!  Statement Necklace $20  Braided Bracelets - Discover your perfect piece - Jewelmint #bracelets #braidedtrends

So, inspired by that thought and the fact that's it's Breast Cancer Awareness month I've decided to host a Stella & Dot party in honor of my mom and grandmother. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. In 2004 my mom underwent treatment for her illness and came out on top. A few years later my grandmother did not fare as well and we lost her that winter. Recently my mother received a second diagnosis and is currently undergoing treatment. It's not something I really talk about on here as that's really her business but being that we are in a state of heightened awareness I thought I would share.
It's been on my mind that I need to do something to raise money for something that has been so prevalent within my own family and it finally hit me that a party celebrating women, talking about prevention and shopping for beautiful baubles might just be what is needed.
And I wanted to do something nice for my mom.

So, while most of you can't make it to my house for the party, I would still love it if you'd head on over to the online boutique where you can still get a jump start on holiday gifts all while supporting a good cause. They have some fabulous items that when purchased 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Noreen Fraser Foundation a non-profit dedicated to raising funds for women's cancer research and raising awareness about early detection. I can get down with that for sure.
There are quite a few things I've got my eye on as they just launched their holiday collection and the rest of their stuff is ,in the words of the fabulous Rachel Zoe, BA-NANAS. 

Zora Crystal Necklace

Femme Fatale NecklaceKimberly NecklaceKahlo Bracelet

I am so excited and I already have some fun ideas on how to decorate simply and what to serve. This is where all that late night pinning comes in handy! There are visions of pink ombre dancing in my head! 
Oh and did I mention that Melinda of Mumumansion is hosting the show? Yeah stalk her much? Yes, ma'am. But I'm pretty excited about it. And so is my mom. And that makes me even happier.

I truly hope you'll take a moment to stop by the online trunk show and take a gander at what Stell & Dot has to offer and help us raise some money for Breast Cancer!


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